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The past 8 months have been filled with uncertainty. In response to the pandemic, centralized office spaces have been replaced by decentralized staff working remotely from home. TSplus recognizes the challenges that come with quickly reshaping staffing models and brings up a brilliant, cost-attractive solution for enabling Remote Access to Office Desktops: TSplus Remote Work. TSplus Remote […]

TSplus’ growing international presence is strongly linked to our human resources strategy, which is based on recruiting the best local talent and providing them with the key to development through the flexibility of working from home or anywhere in the world. In addition to creating its own remote access software, TSplus follows the dream to […]

At TSplus, we rate our clients among our most valued sources of inspiration and innovation. From bug fixes to feature additions, feedback from TSplus users and administrators is one of the most powerful forces driving our daily operations and development. Because of the great feedback we get from our resellers and clients, the team at […]

This year, RDS-Tools was once again nominated for the DCS Awards and voted finalist for its world-unique security software for RDS servers: RDS-Knight. From now on, we have two weeks to make a difference. I know that some of you are selling RDS-Knight; so vote RDS-Tools. and help us win this contest to benefit from a […]

As a valued TSplus customer, you are already aware of the advantages that come with being able to provide hassle-free application delivery and Remote desktop access to your users.At TSplus we strive to keep your remote access safe and stress free. To that end we have released a significant update to our flagship security suite, TSplus […]

TSplus software is the easiest way to enable remote desktop and application connections from anywhere and any device. Offering both classic terminal server client and HTML5 access, our solution can be used on all Operating Systems from Windows to Mac and Linux. Remote Access To Desktop via Windows Terminal Server COVID-19 has brought a big […]

TSplus Advanced Security Version 5 delivers a brand-new ransomware protection able to stop any attack and save important data. It uses cutting-edge technology and smart strategy based on the analysis of the current trends in cyberattacks to anticipate and respond to any new form of ransomware.Now, Cyber-criminals are starting their malicious work by exfiltrating data and […]

In the September edition of Enterprise Security Magazine, the CEO of TSplus, Olivier Benoit, has given an exclusive interview where he reveals why TSplus has been recognized as a Top Endpoint Security Solution Provider for the year 2020 by the media. Enterprise Security Magazine is a digital and printed platform, which assists Chief Security Officers […]

Check our TSplus’ new video featuring the Web App, the easiest RDS Web Access to your office Applications. Connect to your office in a click from any device and OS thanks to this HTML5 remote desktop solution. Publish and Access Your Apps on the Web with RDS Web Access TSplus software has more than 10 […]

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