At the beginning of the last holiday, TSplus released a new version of Server Monitoring, a software to monitor RDS servers and remote desktop connections. A new button has been added that, in conjunction with the Remote Support application, offers an efficient set of tools for remote computer troubleshooting.

Working from home is much more widely used today than it was a few years ago, but it entails problems such as communication barriers and higher risk of hacking due to misconfigured personal devices.

To build better communication and monitoring systems, companies have implemented productivity applications and remote access software to monitor and engage with their employees.

Server Monitoring for improving the efficiency of remote workers

In response to market needs, TSplus developed Server Monitoring to track user activity during remote sessions as well as corporate resource usage and server health. The obtained data, combined with reports, give IT administrators the key to maintaining a reliable remote working environment and the highest possible level of server performance.

Server Monitoring, securely installed on a central server, enables IT managers and network administrators to remotely observe, manage and maintain all servers, connected devices and remote sessions. Thanks to such monitoring, companies can reduce IT costs and build a more efficient installation. It will be both safe and available to remote employees.

The software provides useful reports with relevant information contained in simple and customizable charts. Based on that, server administrators are able to fully assess the risk and properly configure alerts in real time. The result is better responsiveness and a better hardware troubleshooting rate.

Now, Server Monitoring has a new feature that aims to further facilitate the work of IT support agents and IT management outsourcing services when it comes to contacting remote users – „ Export logs for support „.

Remote work increases the need for remote support

The proliferation of remote working has prompted IT companies and support providers to implement new tools that can remotely troubleshoot user computers. It is easier and faster for Support agents to connect and take control of your computer remotely. It’s much simpler and more effective than explaining the process over the phone and guiding the user to solve the problem on his own.

As such, TSplus Remote Support is an easy-to-use sotware that enables IT administrators to receive or assist in the event of a computer problem. Everything is done via a secure remote connection. With users’ consent, it enables screen sharing and remote computer control to provide immediate assistance from anywhere.

The agent can access any part of the computer, use the user’s mouse and keyboard, and use the control panel, uninstall problematic applications or drivers, clean up malware that has not been loaded into memory, and generally solve almost any type of computer problem.

Thanks to the new Server Monitoring feature, combined with Remote Support, TSplus offers a complete set of tools to prevent and solve problems faced by remote workers.

After selecting the „Export Support Logs” button, the program collects useful information and bundles it, ready to be sent to the support team. It Aggregates:

  • ServerMonitoring UI, Service and WebApi logs;
  • Agent logs (only agent installed on the broker) and agent configuration;
  • A registry export.

For more details, check the documentation or changelog that is available online.

TSplus Server Monitoring and TSplus Remote Support are easy to test and purchase, as is the rest of the TSplus product line. In fact, TSplus now offers an Setup Bundle that allows the bundle customers to install / update all TSplus products in one unified user interface.