The Easy Alternative to Citrix

An ideal and affordable alternative to Citrix and Microsoft RDS.
Multi-user Remote Desktop and Application Delivery

Access Your Windows Apps anywhere

TSplus Remote Access



Easily Create The Optimal Remote Environment for Your Business

Remote Access provides your remote and local users access to centralized Windows applications on a full remote desktop. Remote Access supports concurrent Remote Desktop (RDS) connections using HTML5 or any RDP compatible clients.


Publish Your Apps on The Web in a Snap

Publish Applications and enable users to remotely access them as if they were native

With Remote Access, Windows applications hosted on-premises or in the cloud can be web-enabled reliably and effortlessly. Therefore users have instant, intuitive and seamless access to applications and remote desktops. From any browser on any device. Provide users with solution to connect and work from anywhere.


Install the Web App on any browser and any device. Moreover with RemoteApp Client provide a launch menu on the local users' desktop to open applications hosted on your server.


Remote Access is compatible with any Windows OS, Linux or Mac machine. So you can enjoy the full flexibility and conect smoothly.


Use Remote Desktop or Seamless Clients. TSplus Remote Access is compatible with any RDP client.


Why TSplus Remote Access?

Give your users the flexibility they need with our simple and powerful Remote Access Solution

Remote Desktop Access

Display a Full Desktop or a Single App. With our solution you can create full desktops for users to remotely access centralized apps from any device, anywhere, anytime.

Application Delivery

Publish any corporate aplications. Users access the remote apps from customizable launch menus or shortcuts on their desktops.

Customizable Web Portal

Secure TSplus Web Portal enables to deliver a full remote desktop or single applications simply via web browser. To connect, users simply log in through the customizable HTML5 web portal.

Scalable to your needs

TSplus effectively enables from 3 to 50+ concurrent sessions to connect per server, allowing your server farm to scale up to thousands of users. Also, Tsplus Remote Access comes with 3 Editions To Grow With You.

Smart Management

Configure and Manage Your Network and all Remote Access tools from one place. With intuitive AdminTool it enables application control per groups.

Make Remote Access Safe

Maximize the security of your remote access infrastructure. A number of tools are available: SSL/TLS Certificate, End-to-End Encryption, Web Credentials, Lockout feature and Security Add-ons.

Multi-user remote Sessions

How it works?

Software creates concurrent sessions that users can access remotely and securly use web-enabled via RDP and HTML5 clients business applications hosted on a corporate data center or cloud server.


A glimpse of the key features


Choose from Three Editions

Affordable and perpetual licenses

Desktop Edition

Perpetual license
$ 180 starts at
  • Remote Desktop Access
  • Application Delivery
  • Remote Printing
  • TSplus Administrator Tool
  • Concurrent connections support
  • Application Control per user and/or per groups
  • TSplus Remote Taskbar / Floating Panel
  • TSplus Portable Client Generator
  • Fully compliant with RDP protocol

Web&Mobile Edition

Perpetual license
$ 250 starts at
  • Desktop Edition Features
  • Web Portal
  • HTML5 Client
  • Secured connection from any web browser with TSplus HTTPS and SSH
  • Windows and HTML5 web access clients included in the HTML logon files
  • Easy connection from iPhone/iPad and Android devices
  • Customizable logon web page with TSplus Webmaster Toolkit
  • With TSplus Web Applications Portal, access your applications list inside any web browser
Most Popular

Enterprise Edition

Perpetual license
$ 290 starts at
  • Web&Mobile Edition Features
  • Farm Manager and Gateway
  • Scalable deployment
  • TSplus farm of servers (one license per server)
  • Unlimited number of users working concurrently on a scalable Load-Balanced architecture
  • Single Enterprise Portal to access all your TSplus servers
  • Assign one or several Application Server(s) to users or groups
  • Load Balancing and Failover support

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