TsPlus DESKTOP contains all functionalities of SYSTEM and PRINTER former editions, basic remote desktop solution with additionally implemented 'Universal Printer' mechanism, which allows to print from any remote server without necessity to install local printer software. Thanks to such solution, your server is not overloaded with printing, which allows much faster operation. Moreover, only light postscript files are transferred through the net, which considerably accelerates work.

TsPlus MOBILE & WEB contains all functionalities of SYSTEM and PRINTER. It enables remote desktop access through any Internet browser. Serwera TsPlus website code contains Java and HTML5 based mechanisms. This allows to work on any hardware and software platform (MacOS, Linux, Windows, Android, iPhone, iPad etc.). Easy access to website layout modification tools and own applications portal increase additionally the administration comfort.

TsPlus ENTERPRISE contains all functionalities of SYSTEM, PRINTER as well as MOBILE & WEB. Additionally supports large installations of many remote access servers or applications (up to 20 hosts). It contains a built in FAILOVER and LOAD BALANCING mechanism. One of the farm hosts may perform duties of perimeter servers managing the access to the remaining resources. One or many servers assigned to a user or users group. Full cooperation with Active Directory. ENTERPRISE enables safe work of up to 1000 simultaneous remote sessions.