Since the first version released just two years ago, TSplus Remote Support has been a great alternative to TeamViewer. The TSplus family solution offers the same process simplicity and comparable service performance at just a fraction of the price of a competing remote support program.

Simple and secure remote session sharing software

Specifically designed for remote support teams and internal and external IT maintenance services, Remote Support enables agents to remotely access and control computers, including mouse and keyboard, files and applications, and enable remote assistance to be provided quickly and seamlessly. Whether the computer is supervised or not, support agents can easily troubleshoot and collaborate with their team on a variety of tasks. The following tools are at their disposal:
• Chat window
• File sharing
• Clipboard synchronization
• Multi-agent connection
• Ability to send a remote command via the command line interface

Since its birth two years ago, TSplus Remote Support has evolved significantly. All this to significantly improve the user experience, whose comfort and satisfaction are our priority. To meet the expectations of customers, the interface and management tool have been streamlined and simplified, which allows you to organize remote computers, generate a simple connection client, obtain session reports, customize branding, etc. Starting a remote session is now a matter of one click. Just enter your client ID and password.
Remote Support – as a SaaS solution – is fully managed by TSplus. Sessions are encrypted using modern standards to ensure maximum security.

Remote Support session recording and screenshots

TSplus Remote Support version 3.30 includes a new session recording feature. Remote Assistance sessions can now be recorded and saved as video files, which can be useful for both agents and end users. It allows for a later review of problems, analysis and drawing conclusions „cold”. The new feature also allows you to take screenshots throughout your session.
In addition, there is a new command line in Remote Support that allows agents to send „RemoteSupport.exe /id 111111111 /password XXXXXXXX” to directly and quickly connect to a specific support session.
Personalization options have also been improved, now providing the ability to change the colors of text and icons to better match your corporate identity.
For a complete list of changes, see the Remote Support changelog.
Remote Support is an attractive solution due to the subscription fee, which starts from PLN 860 per year for one user. The new version greatly improves the subscription activation process, so now is the right time to take advantage of it!
Download the full version for a free 15-day trial.