Before holidays, TSplus released a major update for Advanced Security, which remains at the forefront of cybersecurity solutions for remote access environments. Version 6.3 includes a useful new feature that will drastically increase the security of your server: IP protection from hackers. Let’s take a look at it.

TSplus Advanced Security is software specifically designed to protect the vulnerabilities that inevitably arise when using Remote Desktop. Installed on the remote access server, it protects the server and connections with a wide set of security tools, such as time, geographic and device access restrictions, and protection against ransomware attacks.

Multi-source IP database for 6 million hackers

Advanced Security 6.3 comes with a new Hacker IP Protection feature that is designed to protect systems from known cyberthreats such as online attacks, online service abuse, malware, botnets, and other cybercriminal activities.

To this end, the program blocks traffic from millions of malicious IP addresses, identified on the basis of a daily updated database from many sources:

• External Source: List of well-known malware, updated frequently and synchronized with Advanced Security

• Crowdsourcing: The Advanced Security community also participates in building and improving the database

The event is displayed every time the list of hacked IP addresses is synchronized. The list goes on and therefore the protection is powerful: users already see about six million IP addresses blocked since the feature was launched.

How does it work?

The feature acts as an additional security system that creates new rules in the existing firewall (compatible with Windows firewall and built-in TSplus firewall), preventing access „from” and „to” malicious IP addresses. Blocked IP addresses are added to the Advanced Security centralized IP Blocked List (which also collects IP addresses blocked by Homeland and Brute-Force features).

Any new address blocked by most software users is also added to the block list. Conversely, when an address is unblocked / whitelisted by a certain number of users, it is removed from the database.

To use the constantly updated hacker database and maintain effective protection, customers only need to have an active TSplus Support / Update service. The list of IP addresses is then discretely updated every day, however the client can also disable this auto-refresh and / or do it manually by clicking the „Refresh Hacker IP Address” button.

More information can be found in the user guide.

Simplified navigation enables you to act quickly in the field of safety

We made some changes to improve the search and navigation of the security event log. The feature status at the top of the list is now clickable. This enables one-click access to a wide variety of functions. Additionally, at the bottom of the event log, a number of action buttons are visible (copy address, unblock, add to whitelist …).

For other changes and fixes, see the online changelog.

To update and test the new feature, users can purchase the Support / Update service. You can also download a 15-day trial version for free.

Note: The feature is disabled by default.