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Since 2017, Server Genius has been a helpful add-on for TSplus Remote Access, tracking and reporting usage, performance, and health of Remote Desktop infrastructures. Today, TSplus announces a completely new version of the software. Server Genius has been rebuilt from scratch to become Server Monitoring, a powerful and user-friendly stand-alone tool to monitor corporate networks […]

In early March, TSplus released the Remote Access software update for version 15. It includes a brilliant new feature: remote session prelaunch. Users and team managers will be delighted with the possibilities this solution offers for saving time and energy. One of the current business challenges is to maintain high productivity while building a more […]

TSplus recently released a new remote desktop security software update. TSplus Advanced Security Version 6 brings a completely new configuration and extremely useful Lite administration interface, which provides even novice users with easy navigation and hassle-free functions activation, effectively securing their servers. It is well known that remote access technologies are an attractive gateway to […]

TSplus is thrilled to announce the official release of the new major version of Remote Access software: Remote Access Version 15 comes with a brand-new setup and a Lite Administrative Interface that enables first-time users to easily begin using the application’s most valuable features. When it comes to remote access or remote desktop software, it is often […]

Earlier this year, TSplus announced the release of TSplus Remote Support – a secure and easy to use, browser-based Windows screen sharing and remote-control tool. The feedback from customers was overwhelmingly positive. That feedback also included ways we can do better. You spoke. We listened. Today we are proud to announce the release of TSplus Remote […]

Working from home offers many benefits to businesses and employees, but also opens the door to serious network security threats. How can organizations minimize the risk of cyber attacks? TSplus Remote Access offers a scalable and reliable Remote Desktop and Application Delivery. TSplus Remote Work gives employees direct access to their office computer. TSplus Advanced […]

In 2021, the odds have never been higher that hackers will attempt to breach your remote access infrastructure. We saw a sharp increase in cyberattacks around the world in June and July, and want to make sure that all our customers are 100% secure. Put the brakes on bad actors and limit your attack surface with TSplus […]