Working from home offers many benefits to businesses and employees, but also opens the door to serious network security threats. How can organizations minimize the risk of cyber attacks?

TSplus Remote Access offers a scalable and reliable Remote Desktop and Application Delivery. TSplus Remote Work gives employees direct access to their office computer. TSplus Advanced Security will take care of security.

The current pandemic has turned our plans and reality upside down in many ways. Among the aspects that get into the eye of the storm of rapid transformation was the work system. In a short time it faced with the need of mass adaptation to new conditions and the transition of millions of people to work-from-home model. The increased number of employees working remotely has led to a dramatic increase in the number of companies provide some form of remote access for their teams.

Every digital work-from-home strategy comes with some inevitable risks. IT staff can find it difficult to manage and secure personal devices used by remote workers. Security breaches can take many forms, including brute-force and ransomware attacks. Therefore, it is extremely important for companies to be aware of the risks and take adequate precautions to prevent cyber attacks on remote users’ connections.

A Strong Passwords  Matter – Building Staff Awareness

Many people have the habit of using the same passwords on many different platforms, both on personal and corporate devices. While reusing or repeating passwords may seem convenient at first, it also increase the risk of getting hacked. Multiple devices and systems can be compromised when an unauthorized user gains access to the password. IT staff and security teams must emphasize the need for employees to use strong and unique passwords.

Combined with Advanced Security’s Brute-Force Attack Protection feature, a strong password is the first step to a secure virtual environment. The implementation of Two-Factor Authentication or website security certificates (SSL / TLS) are additional ways to protect your company against cyber attacks and security breaches. All of these tools are available in the TSplus remote access security suite.

Ensuring Visibility for the Network Security Team 

Some security teams do not have sufficient visibility into the activities of remote users, which prevents them from detecting advanced threats or identifying when attackers enter the network from the user’s computer.

Server Monitoring TSplus is the answer. Server Monitoring uses a simple web interface to provide administrators – in real time – with important information about server health and user activity. Easy-to-read Administrator reports and notifications are just a substitute for how Server Monitoring will help keep your servers in top shape.

From the beginning of its history, TSplus is focused on helping clients combat remote access security threats, providing them with the most secure remote access system on the market. All TSplus products are available for download as fully functional 15-day trial versions. Check website to learn more and download the free trial software.