In early March, TSplus released the Remote Access software update for version 15. It includes a brilliant new feature: remote session prelaunch. Users and team managers will be delighted with the possibilities this solution offers for saving time and energy.

One of the current business challenges is to maintain high productivity while building a more flexible work organization that provides enough space for the personal lives of employees. Therefore, companies must find the right tools to meet the expectations of their employees. One of the important solutions is to focus on better management of working hours with smarter use of internal resources. And that’s exactly what TSplus Remote Access software aims to achieve with the new Session Prelaunch option: enabling employees to connect and work instantly.

Remote Session Prelaunch Saves Time and Resources

The Session Prelaunch feature enables the Remote Access administrator to schedule the opening of each configured user’s session, so that it starts and launches applications automatically before users log in for the day. Once users connect, they just „capture” the pre-loaded session and are immediately operational without losing a minute.

How does it work?

To activate Remote Session Prelaunch, go to the „Sessions” tab in AdminTool, in „Settings”> „Session prelaunch Configuration” and click the „Enable” button at the top of the interface. Previously, administrators had to meet some prerequisites, which are as follows:

Enable „Capture Session” mode.

Make sure the user can be idle for at least two hours before their session is automatically disconnected as the feature takes some time to preload all programs and utilities and only works while the user is logged in.

Disable automatic logoff for disconnected sessions. This keeps sessions logged in and ready for users to connect with minimal waiting time.

All these settings can be configured from a single tile in Remote Access AdminTool (expert mode). With the „Try Now” option, you can quickly and easily check that a feature is set up correctly. Remote Access Session Prelaunch is a fantastic way to offer users an instant connection, keeping their sessions up and running and getting you started immediately.

To learn more about settings and compatibility issues, read the online documentation. TSplus Remote Access can be tested free for 15 days.

Download a fully functional trial version now.