TSplus recently released a new remote desktop security software update. TSplus Advanced Security Version 6 brings a completely new configuration and extremely useful Lite administration interface, which provides even novice users with easy navigation and hassle-free functions activation, effectively securing their servers.

It is well known that remote access technologies are an attractive gateway to cyber attacks. At a time when companies were forced to provide remote connections to their servers and data, as the smooth operation of the business during a pandemic largely depended on it, the use of remote desktop tools must go hand in hand with appropriate precautions.

TSplus easily ensures remote access security

TSplus, a leading developer of remote access software, brings a unique answer to many potential threats. This response is – appreciated in many prestigious rankings –TSplus Advanced Security: powerful cyber security software, designed particularly to protect remote access. With a complete set of seven complementary features, it enables 360-degree protection of remote connections and environments, ensuring secure remote work for everyone.

Advanced Security brings together all the best cyber security practices for Remote Desktop in one user-friendly and cost effective tool. The aim is to make it easier for administrators to set up the optimal security level for their network as quickly as possible and to have immediate access to the results and analyzes. Advanced Security Version 6 further simplifies the administration interface by introducing the ability to switch between Lite and Expert mode. It highlights the most popular features, and the division into five high-level control panels makes it easier to navigate through the most important security issues:

  • Ransomware Protection: Detect and stop ransomware attacks
  • Brute Force Defender: Prevent malicious bot connections by blocking IPs
  • Homeland Protection: Limit connection based on geography
  • Prevented Threats: Shows the list of blocked attacks and suspicious IPs
  • License: Displays license status and offers a path to purchase or upgrade the license 

The four tiles at the bottom of the screen offer even more ways to increase the security of your server with additional security features: Working Hours limitation, EndPoint access restriction, Permissions management, and Secure Desktop wizard.

TSplus offers a fully functional 15-day free trial of Advanced Security

Inexperienced users no longer have to spend time digging through multiple levels of settings to find what they are looking for: feature-rich and powerful software that provides the basic protection any remote server administrator needs… and much more.

In addition to the new interface, Settings also has a modern look that guides the user through a short series of advanced security features in seconds.

Of course, you can always go into „Expert” mode to access all the administration tools. At any time and at no extra cost, the user can click the „Expert Mode” button in the upper right corner of the AdminTool and find all available options and tools to further customize Remote Access Protection.

Download Advanced Security V6 15-day free trial from the TSplus website and enjoy the new Lite mode.