Each month, the TSplus development team releases at least one update for Remote Access and Advanced Security, and every other month for the rest of the product line. Over the past two years, these regular updates have included quite a few improvements focused on the user experience.

Traditionally, TSplus relies on one core solution: Remote Access for remote desktop and Windows application delivery. Over the years, the product line has grown to offer a complete suite for remote infrastructures including network security, server monitoring, remote support and home office solutions.

Unified Remote Access Software Suite

While the core TSplus software has evolved to modernize the design and meet customer expectations, the rest of the package has been improved independently. Since the vendor’s strategy has moved to a more comprehensive approach, it has become imperative to unify the style and operation of all applications. The purpose of such a solution is to enable customers to easily and efficiently find and then implement each product from the TSplus range.

Over the past two years, many efforts have been made to improve User Experience. TSplus developers focused on completely redesigning and harmonizing the interfaces of the programs, to ensure their smoother operation. The administration tool is simple to use, navigation is intuitive, and the setup is simplified and user-friendly. A perfect example of this strategy was the introduction of LITE modes in 2021 for both Remote Access and Advanced Security. The „light” version of AdminTool is a nod to first-time users, with a minimalist interface focusing on basic functions for a quick and easy start.

Visually, all applications consist of a main interface with visible tabs for each main feature. The installation configurations are also very similar. The presented parameters guide the user step by step during the software implementation. Branding elements such as color codes, modern logos and icons have been unified, building a recognizable and trustworthy brand offer.

Following this, TSplus has released a completely new version of Server Monitoring this year, redesigned in line with the spirit of change in the entire offer: the new interface takes into account user expectations in terms of accessibility (exit from the browser-based application) and organization of functions.

Evolution in tune with the user experience

A key factor in TSplus’ evolution towards better User Experience is the integration of customer comments and feedback with each new update. One of the ways TSplus does this is based on reports from the Support Team. All feature enhancement requests and identified problems are noticed and forwarded to the development team, who immediately begin working on solutions for the next version.

This continuous communication and collaboration help TSplus to keep up with customer expectations and gain excellent insight into the current level of the overall. user experience.

For example, feedback from Remote Access users has recently led to great improvements to the Farm Manager. The mentioned feature has been completely rebuilt to allow central management of all servers via a unique interface integrated with AdminTool. The new solutions significantly simplify the administration of the farm, allowing, for example, adding servers and duplicating parameters on all servers with one click.

At the moment, TSplus is preparing to release a completely new version of Remote Support, based on articulated customer expectations: the application will offer a simpler and faster way to start remote sessions, very similar to what customers are used to when dealing with competitors’ solutions.

All of these add-ons are designed to make life easier for users, network administrators, and IT support teams. Therefore, TSplus encourages its customers to purchase the support / upgrade service, which has now been extended to Advanced Security. The active service allows you to use each new improvement on an ongoing basis.

To purchase TSplus Update / Support service, visit the website.