The new version of Remote Access is available with a completely revamped server farm management functionality. Recent improvements focus on facilitating the deployment of Remote Access over multiple servers and centralized farm management, regardless of network configuration.

TSplus Remote Access is a quick and easy way to publish business applications to a central server and deliver them via remote desktop or HTML5 connections to user networks. Remote Access offers Enterprise features including a server farm manager, load balancing, and failover support, making it a scalable solution for large and complex infrastructures.

Deploy Remote Access on a multi-server farm in a snap 

Remote Access Farm allows the administrator to install the software on several servers and manage them all from a single point. A single central server becomes the farm controller for all other applications servers in the farm as well as a gateway server that acts as the entry point for all users.

TSplus offers two simple ways to implement a server farm for Remote Access:

1. Option 1: Each server can be accessed directly from the Internet. In this case, all types of web access are available without any specific configuration: Remoteapp and HTML5 clients.

2. Option 2: Only the gateway portal is accessible from the Internet. In this case, it can act as a load-balanced Reverse Proxy to redirect each external connection request to the first available server. Otherwise, users will connect to their assigned servers.

In both options, each server has the same TSplus configuration, the same HTTP / HTTPS ports, and most importantly, deploying a new application server is just a matter of minutes (see online documentation).

Remote Access V15.5 with a rebuilt Farm Manager. One-click sync of all servers

The TSplus development team has developed a solution that makes it even easier to manage your server farm. Version 15.5, released in early May, includes many improvements in this regard, offering a completely revamped Farm Manager that improves the user experience and simplifies setup. In brief:

  • All Farm features (monitoring / load balancing / reverse-proxy / server assignment) are now grouped together in one unique interface – the Farm tab – where they have their own configuration windows.
  • Each application server only needs to be added to the farm once
  • Now just click „Synchronize Applications and Settings” to deploy each new parameter to the entire server farm
  • A modern invitation system has been implemented to easily add a new server to the farm with the copy / paste configuration function to the farm controller.

TSplus 15.50 also includes all the improvements and fixes released in previous versions. More details can be found in the TSplus Remote Access changelog.

Download and test the full-featured Enterprise TSplus Remote Access version with a 15-day free trial.