Your organization is using remote desktop services to make data and business applications accessible from anywhere, at all times. This is great to cut IT costs and bring flexibility into your operations. But what if your employees do not use this resource the optimal way? What if, instead of cost and time saving, your servers […]

The TSplus team is proud to reveal RDS-Knight 4.2 latest improvements. It offers a powerful solution for your servers: Homeland Protection, included in both Essentials and Ultimate editions, has been strengthened to more aggressively filter any attempt to connect from unauthorized countries. This change constitutes a significant step toward an even more reliable and future-proof […]

RDS-Tools is proud to announce that the Data Center Solutions Alliance has ranked RDS-Knight in the TOP 3 Security Innovations of the Year. Eventually, our product was just behind the highest position of the podium, taking second place in this prestigious competition. In its ninth year, the DCS awards rewarded the product designers, manufacturers, suppliers […]

TSplus has recently released a major update. The changes focus on enhancing security features and bringing new options that enable safe and reliable Remote Access. TSplus has recently released a major update. The changes focus on enhancing security features and bringing new options that enable safe and reliable Remote Access. The following article reviews TSplus […]

Following the release of TSplus Version 12.30, we are proud to announce the release of RDS-Knight Version 4.2. This update improves two of the core features that protect Remote Access Servers against unauthorized access. Read for more details. RDS-Knight 4.2 Allows Efficient Remote Access Restrictions on Time and Location TSplus 12.30 comes bundled with a trial of […]

We are pleased to announce the general availability of TSplus 12.30 version. This major update includes 2 important Add-Ons enhancements: 2FA verification can now also be done by SMS. RDS-Knight can now be installed on Windows Server 2008 and greatly enhances its two fundamental protections against unwanted remote connections. TSplus Two factor Authentication introduced with […]

Remote Access Systems have long been favorite targets of hackers. A successful attack can result in a variety of devastating consequences including financial loss, damage to brand reputation, and loss of customer trust. Since its initial release as a stand-alone security solution in 2017, RDS-Knight has evolved into a reliable and easy-to-use cybersecurity multi-tool. It […]

Last week, John Davies, founder of TSplus, proudly welcomed his international community of TSplus Directors to Dublin, Ireland. Coming from all over the world, these long-time successful business partners met at the prestigious Merrion Hotel with the leaders and decision makers from TSplus headquarters for a very special event – The 10 year anniversary of […]

According to Beazley reports, groups of global insurance professionals – of all small and medium-sized companies using Ransomware security software, only those that “do not block Remote Desktop (RDP)” are more vulnerable to cybercriminals’ attacks. RDS-Tools is an excellent set of programs that secure the remote desktop against any attacks on the network. Our RDS-Tools […]

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