Network Monitoring is a necessary IT task, especially if your company uses Windows RDS or any Citrix-like solution to publish business applications. Even if you have the best Remote Desktop system, there are times when you may face technical problems. Active monitoring of your critical infrastructure can minimize downtime by catching warning signs before they […]

On Windows, permissions are taken care of by the Operating System which defines, by default, the scope of privileges for each user profile (read, write, modify) and automatically prevents access to sensitive locations on the server. However, if your server is exposed to the outside world through remote access protocols, and you do not have […]

With the latest TSplus enhancements, publishing apps in folders for your users and downloading documents remotely has never been so easy. App Publishing is now easier than ever: Administrators can now use the AdminTool to group apps into folders, then publish the folder to a single user or a group. This makes permissions management for […]

The TSplus team is proud to announce the general availability of TSplus 12.50 Version. This release keeps pushing remote sessions boundaries and contains important enhancements: Always listening to its customers, the TSplus team introduces the ‘Send To Client’ feature, a right-click contextual menu that easily lets remote users download files to their local machines: The […]

This month, the International President of TSplus John Davies will meet Rich Yu, CEO of Cogito in Beijing. The two leaders will take this opportunity to finalize their plans to kick off the second phase of TSplus distribution in China. It’s been almost a year since John Davis first met with Rich Yu to talk […]

TSplus Version 12.50 has arrived! Using feedback from our most trusted resource – The Customer – the developers at TS have introduced a new upgrade to the TSplus user experience with a new ‘Send To Client’ option. TSplus is an application delivery platform that web enables corporate applications and provides remote desktop access.  With a wide […]

RDS-Knight is an unique and comprehensive program to secure RDS Servers. RDS-Knight already offers a wide range of security measures to protect RDS servers. See the video below: With version 4.3, RDS-Knight goes further: it introduces the very useful and amazing “Permissions” feature. The “Permissions” dashboard will give IT admins the tool they were dreaming […]

A new version of TSplus was uploaded yesterday and is already available. This is our comment for this new version: TSplus 12.50 includes all the improvements and fixes released in previous versions. Improvements: – All Clients: a new “Send to Client” contextual menu (right-click menu) can be enabled in AdminTool > Advanced > Contextual Menu […]

RDS-Knight version 4.3 has been released! It comes with an amazing new feature – the “Permissions” dashboard will give IT admins the tool they were dreaming of to quickly manage windows permission without the complications that come with the default Windows permission management scheme. It’s the best way to protect sensitive data from malicious people […]

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