TSplus reveals a new companion tool in its latest 12.70 release: The Virtual Printer. For businesses that need to securely send and print documents between offices in multiple locations or employees who want to print work documents when working from home, the Virtual Printer offers a practical remote printing solution. Every day, organizations of all […]

We are proud to announce the official release of TSplus 12.70. With it comes important improvements and new functionalities, amongst them: The TSplus Web App! Built-up using modern HTML5 display features and browser APIs, the TSplus Web App is able to provide the same look-and-feel as a local App: responsive design, push notifications and a home-screen icon […]

Security in an office is simple. Doors can be locked, desktop PCs can’t be removed. However, working from home or anywhere outside the main office brings new challenges. What options are open to organizations who need their staff to stay home and work remotely? Let’s explore the available methods for securing PCs in the remote […]

As employers are forced to deal with the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, many are implementing work-from-home policies for their employees. While remote-work technology can provide opportunities to improve employee working conditions during this crisis, it can also create potential liabilities for businesses. Allowing Remote Access Can Increase Cyber Risk Within a few weeks, the Coronavirus pandemic […]

As more people transition to a work-from-home status because of the coronavirus outbreak, many small businesses are moving to the most efficient way of connecting to their office network: Remote Desktop services such as TSplus. However this new trend also creates significant risks: employees are always the weakest link in a company’s cybersecurity, but when […]

We are living strange times. Amidst the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, organizations of all sizes are forced to send employees home and to review their management strategies and tools to ensure business continuity. Remote working became not only the safest way, it became almost mandatory in order to limit the propagation of the virus. In this […]

Facing the Coronavirus’ crisis, TSplus has an important role to play and we are taking special actions for this matter. Although we do not offer personal protective equipment, we do not sew medical masks or produce disinfectants, BUT … We are able to help both employees and employers adapt to the new realities of epidemiological […]

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