Since TSplus Remote Access version 14.50, released in January, we have introduced useful new features to the License Portal, which is the fundamental licenses management tool for our Partners and Customers. Let’s take a look at how these changes facilitate operations and the solution implementation process. A More Efficient License Provisioning Tool for TSplus Software Resellers   The TSplus license […]

Over the past several weeks, Microsoft has released an array of updates. This is always a precarious situation for those who have invested heavily in the Windows ecosystem, including the use of Remote Desktop Protocol with Windows 10. TSplus, an affordable and simple alternative to Windows RDS, develops weekly updates that specifically target compatibility and stability […]

At TSplus, we strive to provide value on a global level. One of the ways we do this is by regularly updating our software – but not just with the latest technical improvements.It’s just as important to stay on top of the little things that can directly influence ease of use and administration. This approach […]

The past 8 months have been filled with uncertainty. In response to the pandemic, centralized office spaces have been replaced by decentralized staff working remotely from home. TSplus recognizes the challenges that come with quickly reshaping staffing models and brings up a brilliant, cost-attractive solution for enabling Remote Access to Office Desktops: TSplus Remote Work. TSplus Remote […]

TSplus’ growing international presence is strongly linked to our human resources strategy, which is based on recruiting the best local talent and providing them with the key to development through the flexibility of working from home or anywhere in the world. In addition to creating its own remote access software, TSplus follows the dream to […]

At TSplus, we rate our clients among our most valued sources of inspiration and innovation. From bug fixes to feature additions, feedback from TSplus users and administrators is one of the most powerful forces driving our daily operations and development. Because of the great feedback we get from our resellers and clients, the team at […]