The COVID -19 has highlighted the absolute need to make Security of Remote Connections a priority of technological remote desktop solutions.

The pandemic significantly changed the daily functioning of many businesses around the world, setting a new direction regarding the models of earning and living in general. Of course, the biggest change affected remote work practices, which became a necessity to maintain the continuity of many businesses. The scheme where employees are moved out of the corporate office to continue working from their homes highlighted the important topic of the efficient protection of remote connections and corporate data. Therefore highlighted the real need for secure remote access during the COVID-19 epidemic. To meet these new challenges, TSplus has developed Remote Work – a simple software that provides the right solution to implement a remote office quickly and securely.

An Increased Need for Secure Remote Access

The increased use of new technologies in business has both advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, it allowed to keep the possibility of earning even during the covid-19 crisis. On the other hand, it also carries a risk related to data security. Therefore, there is a greater need for reliable remote access, but the real need to take into account all hardware and infrastructure requirements means that it usually takes some time to deploy a satisfactory solution.

Faceing these changes, many questions and doubts arise in the minds of users. For example: „How can I access my files without compromising security?” „How do I safely join an online meeting?” The current situation is probably new to many, both employees and entrepreneurs. And it implies a fear of safety especially for people who thought of remote work solutions as an option related to the need to maintain their efficiency during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Finding the right Remote Access Solution within a Dense Cloud of Offers

The world-wide change has created opportunities for retailers of software and other IT products that can make life easier for people working from home. Some companies offer free trial licenses for a limited time. There are those who are ready to provide online support when needed. Others hire IT staff to help. Behind this is a specialized remote network, whose carry the weignt of all technological complexity. In fact, it takes some time to configure the entire system so that employees can connect to the corporate network via direct access.

TSplus offers a complete remote connection support with a wide range of products: Secure Remote, Advanced Security, Remote Support, etc. Each of these solutions comes with a free trial. To help businesses face the need for a quick home office transition due to the Covid-19 crisis, efficiently and without massive IT investments, Tplus has developed and made available Remote Work, a simple and secure remote access solution based on intelligent technology. Workers doing their work from home get a direct and secure connection to their own office desktop computer and can work on the same session and tools at any time, just as if they were physically in their office. All they need is an internet connection to log into the web portal via a Remote Work Connection Broker installed in the DMZ. As a result, all sessions and data stay safe in the corporate network.

The Importance of Security in a Remote Environment

Remote work systems and their security are as important as those directly related to the company’s business operations. And they require adequate protection at all times. In addition, for the proper deployment and functioning of such a system, appropriate tools, including applications, licenses and hardware, are needed to ensure the best smooth operation and seamless user experience. Similarly, the security of connections must also be ensured on the side of the company office. Therefore, stringent authentication protocols and access controls must be put in place.

Security strategies must also take into account the reality that many employees use personal devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. There are also home-based firewalls, which are also an essential element for assessing the security problem. The TSplus Remote Desktop Application Delivery range simplifies the entire process. Access control and connection security are handled on the corporate server side. There is a corresponding connection client for each type of device. TSplus Advanced Security, on the other hand, provides a centralized cybersecurity control center that provides a secure and healthy remote access environment for remote users. TSplus 2FA, on the other hand, allows you to simply add a two-factor authentication process to your web portal connection, providing even more security.

Get the security that is a great necessity for remote access today. Visit to check out the entire range of our solutions. All TSplus products are available for download as a trial version for 15 days and 5 users.