Over the past several weeks, Microsoft has released an array of updates. This is always a precarious situation for those who have invested heavily in the Windows ecosystem, including the use of Remote Desktop Protocol with Windows 10. TSplus, an affordable and simple alternative to Windows RDS, develops weekly updates that specifically target compatibility and stability changes introduced by MS updates.  

Windows Remote Desktop is a free tool that allows users to connect to a remote machine – computer, server – and to use the graphical interface remotely. Creates an RDP connection between the Windows Terminal Server and the Remote Desktop Client to ensure stable, interoperable communication. The Remote Desktop Protocol is an essential tool that allows you to remotely access your Windows PC and business applications from anywhere. It is an intelligent solution for deploying legacy applications to multiple devices.

Cloud computing can be easier to use and better to apply for remote workforces, but many companies have not migrated into the cloud, or even may not for regulatory or security factors. With Windows Terminal Services, users can simply use files and software stored locally on their remote computer. 

TSplus – remote access technology

TSplus uses remote access technology, based on its own IT solutions, to enable reliable and secure remote access to Windows 10 systems … from any device. It can be easily installed on any Windows operating system, from Vista to W10 Pro!

The centralized AdminTool makes configuration and management extremely easy for a quick deployment over all types and sizes of installations, including various devices and operating systems. To check out the whole range of great TSplus features, please visit the website.

Users can connect via a connection client which can whether be the Windows remote desktop utility or an integrated TSplus RDP client, as well as a TSplus HTML5 client via any web browser. Which means you can connect to the W10 environment from a MAC or an Android mobile device… however you want!

Read the following article for more information on TSplus for Windows and the online documentation for successful deployment, starting with setting the appropriate remote desktop port and generating your own remote desktop clients.

Compatibility With Latest Updates for Remote Desktop on Windows 10

TSplus is always updated to keep full compatiblity with the latest versions of Windows. This is the case with the recent W10 updates. Microsoft regularly releases Tuesday’s security patches for all supported versions of Windows 10. As part of this process, Microsoft also releases cumulative Windows updates each month.

Our team of Development Experts is aware of how updates can affect client’ systems, and they are constantly running ahead of time. As always, the silent and automatic kernel update improves all TSplus servers connected to the Internet!

In addition, we recently released new versions of TSplus LTS 11 and LTS 12, which include all of the compatibility fixes developed in recent weeks in response to various Microsoft updates and their announcements.

As part of the new features included in W10 update, the Microsoft Remote Desktop app has received some noteworthy changes on Android smartphones and tablets. Full changes can be read on MS changelog.  

For details on recent TSplus updates, check out our changelogs