05Apr 2018

A new version of TSplus is being uploaded right now and will be available within few minutes. This is our comment for this new version: – From W10 Creator Update, it was not not possible to open multiple session with one user logon/password. This is fixed now. – We enhanded the Application Panel by adding […]

02Mar 2018

Work in the cloud … wherever you are, whenever you want. With version 11.20 of the TSplus program, Windows applications are available in real time, simply by means of Wi-Fi or internet connections. The HTML5 TSplus client has been successfully upgraded to the best possible service from smartphones or tablets: The keyboard has been redesigned […]

02Jan 2018

Hello, A new version of TSplus is being uploaded right now and will be available within few minutes. This is our comment for this new version: – Happy New-Year to all: Major release 11.10 announcement – The new Application Panel enables to display published applications like we do with the Web Application Portal but within […]

05Oct 2017

Summary: The new TSplus 10.50 is  now available and introduces amazing enhancements! This improved release includes exclusive new features developed in the last three months by TSplus technical team to provide the best remote desktop. Because nothing more important than the safety and success of each customer TSplus. Discover the details of these changes. What’s […]

06Jul 2017

Good Morning   We are pleased to announce new TSPlus Update release version 10.40 of our software. In this update the general idea is secure and efficient using of RDP.   Since 2017 many users and partners who used our software report us many suggestions and bugs for greater stability and user friendlier interface of […]

15May 2017

Hello, A new version of TSplus is available now This is list of changes: Universal Printer: The new Universal Printer driver was detected by some Anti-virus as a threat. Of cause it was a False/Positive annoyance. It has been re-builded to eliminate this problem. The new Universal Printer driver is now automatically set with the […]

28Apr 2017

Executive summary: Today, TSplus announces the new release of our all-in-one software for RDC, Application Publishing, Client Generation, and much more : the TSplus 10.20 Release is now available for download. What’s new in 10.20? TSplus Dev Team enumerates the multiple features to maintain TSplus as the most simple and powerful Citrix alternative.   Since […]

19Apr 2017

Hello The latest version of Tsplus has just been loaded Bring the following changes This 10.20 release solves most issues with version 10.10 – Client Generator: The latest version forces changes in the / RDP folder on the client station for many years if the client had the same name. No changes in this folder […]

29Mar 2017

Good Morning, We are pleased to announce the general availability of the TSplus 10.10 release. This new release includes great new features: TSplus 10.10 processes have been optimized for better use your server’s CPU. This is important for servers where many sessions are started. With this major improvement, TSplus is now the best solution to […]

22Mar 2017

Desktop and laptop computers are no longer at the first line, but they remain the device of choice for many causes of multi-purpose. Even so, these workers are not always sitting in front of their PCs. They are still in move and come back home at the end of the work day. Yet, they still might need to […]

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