Setup/Update: Fixed fileacl.exe/ntrights.exe not found error and permissions not set accordingly Setup/Update: Fixed “prints” folder missing in some cases AdminTool: License: Serial Number is now displayed bigger and Computer Name has been added in order to ease our Support Team operations Update: now advises admin to install OpenJDK automatically AdminTool: Home: number of connections is […]

TSplus Reveals New Interface With Version 12 Release  TSplus version 12 is now available and ready for operation on desktops, servers and in the cloud! TSplus is thrilled to announce big changes for 2019. The team of expert developers, with input from users and administrators, have brought TSplus a new look and new features. A […]

Increased version to 11.80 AdminTool: fixed %SPACE% text in License tab HTML5: fixed issue with ‘=’ chars in passed requests parameters HTML5: new option “baseutf” added for passing parameters in base64 utf8 encoded mode HTML5: fixed case sensitive condition for file extension filter checks, now checks are applied in non case sensitive mode, so *.pdf […]

The new version of TSplus is now available. This is our comment for this new version: – Working area when using the TSplus Taskbar: Even when setting “Full screen” in the Customize Taskbar, the application was not using the full screen area. It is fixed now – Overlap Taskbar: Even when setting “Overlap taskbar” in […]

Executive Summary: TSplus Enterprise Edition automatically distributes any new incoming connection to the least loaded Windows Application Servers of the farm. Based on its in-built TSplus load balancer, the deployment of any number of concurrent sessions becomes fully scalable. TSplus Enterprise Edition includes the TSplus Gateway, the Reverse Proxy and the Web Portal roles within one […]

This new release is including major security enhancements: TSplus Alternate Shell: Following the October 10 Windows Update, administrators allowing their users to start a Remote Desktop saw the Windows shell as an issue. The main problem resides in the session opening/black screen issue when a complete desktop is assigned to multiple users on Windows 10 and Server […]

In May 2017, a massive cyber-attack was unleashed and affected more than 300 000 computers worldwide. It was the initial outbreak of WannaCry, a ransomware software which blocks access to the most valuable victim’s files unless a ransom is paid. Since then, homes and businesses running Windows operating system are continuously threatened by ransomware attacks. […]

We updated the new version of TSplus tonight. This is our comment for this new version: This is a corrective release. During the past week several issues created troubles to customers updating their former releases of TSplus. This Update is addressing these issues and hopefully will avoid them to continue. When updating, sometime, the changed […]

This version is optimized for Windows 2016 and Windows 10 latest releases. Microsoft never sleeps and rolled out its new major Update (version 1809) this week. TSplus 11.60 fully benefits from these new Window enhancements and has included the proper feature to outperform in W10 / 2016 environments. The new TSplus Alternate Shell enable can be […]

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