The TSplus Version 12.40 has arrived! Improvements in deployment, administration and security make TSplus Version 12.40 one of our most powerful releases yet.
Read on for a quick overview of the new features and improvements brought to us by our fantastic team of developers.

  • Administrators will be pleased to see that our connection clients have been merged into a single unified client.
    The classic Connection Client and RemoteApp setup files have been rolled into a single, easy to deploy installer: both files remain and each embarks both setups.
  • Up next is a new feature that will make App Publishing easier than ever: Administrators can now use the AdminTool to group apps into folders, then publish the folder to a single user or a group.
    This makes permissions management for multiple apps easier to manage and makes targeted deployment of groups of apps a breeze.
    All TSplus programs (Floating Panel, Application Panel, Taskbar, Folder, Web Applications Portal) and Mobile App will then display these folders accordingly.
  • At TSplus , we know how important the security of your server is.
    With the version 12.40 update, TSplus has integrated one of the core features of our leading security software suite, RDS-Knight.
    Now operating as a native TSplus security feature, we’re proud to introduce TSplus Lockout:

Lockout monitors failed web login attempts on your TSplus server. It logs attempts and automatically blocks the source IP address of the failed attempts.
The threshold for IP blocking can be configured by the administrator, and IP addresses can be quickly unblocked and whitelisted from the easy to use management console in the Web Tab of the AdminTool.

Failed Brute-Force connections attempts are also visible on RDS-Knight Events Log:

  • For new TSplus users, or longtime users who have just recently discovered the new interface, we’ve created a ‘Getting Started: TSplus Version 12’ video.
    It is now displaying at the first AdminTool opening, after TSplus installation.
    In 5 minutes, we illustrate the fast and easy setup process and explore some the new workflow and feature improvements that TSplus Version 12 offers.

Download the latest TSplus Update Release to enjoy optimal capabilities.
Go to our Release Notes page and Online User Guide and Changelog for more details about the new features in TSplus Version 12.40.

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