This year, RDS-Tools was once again nominated for the DCS Awards and voted finalist for its world-unique security software for RDS servers: RDS-Knight.

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Category : Data Center ICT Innovation

Sub-category: ICT Security Product of the Year

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RDS-Knight is a unique security tool, the only program on the remote desktop market that offers seven types of protection combined in one product !!
Features include time and location restrictions, securing user desktops and endpoints, auditing and managing user permissions, to blocking brute force and ransomware attacks.
Consequently, it offers many more features than the competition.

I take this opportunity to share with you our brand new video promoting RDS-Knight’s Anti-ransomware feature.

Your employees are working from home – But what is safer for them is not so safe for your corporate data! Your need the right cybersecurity solution. RDS-Knight efficiently protects your servers againt Ransomware attacks with advanced threat protection and detection methods. So that you can deliver a fully secure remote access which will keep your data safe! Benefits: The Ransomware Protection is a one-of-a-kind cybersecurity solution to detect and block Ransomware attacks on your server. It also backs-up data to allow files’ restauration in one click! Target: RDS-Knight includes several others features to secure Windows RDS servers for SMBs and large organizations using Remote Desktop and VPN solutions:

* Limit connections coming from foreign countries

* Forbid users to connect outside of working times for network security

* RDP Defender to Block Brute-Force Attacks

* Control Users environment for Data protection

* Manage Windows Permissions in few clicks

* Endpoint Security to Restrict Access per authorized device…

Installation: After installing RDS-Knight free downloadable version on your server, just enable the Ransomware Protection and check the Security Events log to see how powerful this is! visit

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