As a valued TSplus customer, you are already aware of the advantages that come with being able to provide hassle-free application delivery and Remote desktop access to your users.
At TSplus we strive to keep your remote access safe and stress free. To that end we have released a significant update to our flagship security suite, TSplus Advanced Security.

Ransomware Protection has quickly become a leading security asset as remote access workspaces have become more common.
The newly revamped Ransomware Protection in Advanced Security is our answer to this growing threat.

With intelligent activity monitoring, our Ransomware protection tool is not limited to watching for known file types.
Its smart systems watch for suspicious behavior as well as classic suspicious file types.

Advanced Security also makes automatic backups of files targeted during attacks.
If you are unsure of the integrity of a file after a blocked ransomware event, you can simply restore the suspect file from the easy-to-use back-up console.

TSplus Advanced Security is the security multi-tool you need to keep your servers safe.
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