Good Morning,

We are pleased to announce the general availability of the TSplus 10.10 release. This new release includes great new features:

  • TSplus 10.10 processes have been optimized for better use your server’s CPU. This is important for servers where many sessions are started. With this major improvement, TSplus is now the best solution to handle a large number of concurrent users on a Windows system.

  • Since the upcoming Microsoft Creator Automatic Update is going to remove key components of newer version of Windows 10 Basic (Home edition), it will not be compatible with TSplus anymore. So, if you own a Windows 10 Home version You need to update Windows 10 to Pro version for TSplus to work.

  • The Client Generator has been completely re-builded and improved:

          – It uses the local PDF Reader to print your documents and the new PDF format
created by the new Universal Printer driver.

         –  Old generated clients will be still compatible with the new Universal Printer driver.
–  A time limit feature is now available: for example, the generated client can be
valid only for few days (in example 15 or 30 days)
– A checkbox added to remove „Allow to save my credential”.


  • The Universal Printer has been completely rewritten to provide a faster local printing solution. With TSplus 10.10, the local printers mapping function is set as default when using the RemoteApp client.

  • RemoteApp: Users of the RemoteApp now benefit automatic updates. When using the TSplus 10.10 Remote App client, the logon prevents the use of an „empty password”. (Security porpuse) enhance the security. The user’s credential becomes mandatory and this avoids to access Windows server side logon page.

  • Farm Manager: The Farm Manager feature has been upgraded: A nice-looking wizard was added to monitor the farm production.

          On the load-balancing feature, you can get some data about the load-balancing per server
to disable/enable  the incoming connections to a selected server. Please keep
in mind that any server of a farm must have an Enterprise license.

  • The TSplus HTML5 client improves the user experience; it includes a nice top menu, which is now docking back on top while the user is selecting one of its tool. It also brings an option for customization of the keyboard input box, when clicking on entry field from Tablets or Smartphone. Besides, the code for Web uploads has been completly re-written to allow multiple selections and files transfer from the server to the user’s workstation, as well as the support of long filenames

  • All 9.90 version issues have been fixed and this release is including all of these fixes.

TSplus 10.10 is a major release and we recommend you to download and to apply the Update Release. For more information, go to our Website.

Kind Regards,

Andrzej Krystaszek