Good Morning


We are pleased to announce new TSPlus Update release version 10.40 of our software. In this update the general idea is secure and efficient using of RDP.


Since 2017 many users and partners who used our software report us many suggestions and bugs for greater stability and user friendlier interface of Tsplus. Since that time our developers work really hard to give our customers most efficient, stable, and secure software. Nothing is more important for our team than trust relationship and that’s why every new release give you opportunities for growth, development, and success.


Our New version gives you rewritten driver for universal printer for optimal print, stable and fast printing.


TSPlus also develop new methods for using CPU more efficiently and now session will open faster and more concurrent sessions can be used without slows or any other problems

Also TSPlus gives support to every cloud platform for every standalone public or private infrastructure that meets your needs.

New Release is a major update because the general idea of update is Security and more efficient using of your RDP.

If You have any question about a software feel free to ask me at

We Strongly encourage You to take a look how to secure our RDP sessions at



Kind Regards,

TSPlus Eastern Europe Region team.