The past 8 months have been filled with uncertainty. In response to the pandemic, centralized office spaces have been replaced by decentralized staff working remotely from home. TSplus recognizes the challenges that come with quickly reshaping staffing models and brings up a brilliant, cost-attractive solution for enabling Remote Access to Office Desktops: TSplus Remote Work.

TSplus Remote Work Delivers Fast and Secure Remote Desktop Access

Business models are evolving, adapting for the future. Workforces are looking for flexibility and expecting to be able to work from everywhere. Home office will continue to increase. To stay competitive, companies need to make their applications accessible to their employees, customers and third parties wherever they are. For organizations that don’t typically allow teleworking, however, enabling it at a moment’s notice has raised serious logistical, compliance and security challenges. Especially that infrastructures, budgets and tools differ from one organization to another.

The solution is a secure and easy to deploy Remote Access software to deliver fast and seamless remote work experience on any device.

TSplus already has the technology. It offers a complete, full-service application delivery suite for Remote Access. Aware that this advanced and comprehensive software might not always be the right answer for situations where remote office is a pressing question, the developers at TSplus have created a new adapted product.

Unique Remote Work Tool to Turn Office Desktop into Home Office in a Snap

With a Remote Work server operating as a Remote Desktop Connection Broker, employees can be in the office a few days per week, and work remote the rest of the time without the challenges of multiple digital workspaces.

For a quick preview, watch the video:

Work Flexibility

This is a great opportunity to give employees more freedom with the ability to switch their place of work and to arrange their schedule as they wish without any limitation.

Remote Work not only keeps them connected to the office; it keeps them connected directly to the console session of their remote computer. To avoid any work disruption,

connections are made via a secure web portal; which means that users can login from the device of their choice, including Smartphone and tablets – and get the same seamless experience!

Technology without Complexity

Remote Work is very user-friendly software. Employees benefit from all their remote work tools and software at their disposal to stay safe at home – with the same look and function they have when physically in the office

The installation of Remote Work removes the need for multiple software licenses or costly hardware investments for duplicating significant parts of a corporate IT infrastructure. Companies can save hours in implementation and training while making sure their staff stay effective and productive.

Business Continuity

With its “session capture” feature, Remote Work software enables task follow-ups from one place to another: whenever the user disconnects from its Remote Desktop session, the session will open on the same work in progress at the next connection in the office. This is the magic of  TSplus Remote Work!

Remote Work offers an attractive alternative with a competitive licensing model that enables organizations to successfully make a quick transition to remote offices by keeping the users in a known and comfortable digital environment.

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