A new version of TSplus is being uploaded last week and is already available.

This is our comment for this new version:


  • 2FA: whitelisted users are able to connect from an RDP client without being requested an authentication code
  • Universal Printer: fixed and improved default paper size setting. All available paper sizes are now listed in AdminTool > Printer and can be selected as printer default, including custom forms created by the administrator in Universal Printer advanced settings. Changes are applied instantly for RemoteApp and Generated connection clients, they require a logoff for HTML5 clients.
  • Session: added new setting to reset user’s custom Universal Printer settings at logon, in order to enforce system-wide settings as set in AdminTool > Printer


  • Lockout: updated translations for more clarity
  • HTML5: fixed clipboard issue whith some third party applications sending empty clipboard type commands

The download links are unchanged:

Full setup program: http://dl-files.com/data/Setup-TSplus-PL.exe followed by your Setup program name
Update Release patch: http://dl-files.com/data/UpdateRelease.exe