Executive summary: Today, businesses have to allocate considerable amounts of time and money to network security. Increasing network intrusions and online threats negatively affect the performance of a network. With TSplus Enterprise, application delivery is performed on secured networks. TSplus makes use of world class security solutions to deploy software securely which is not feasible for businesses that run physical servers.

Improve the Security of your Network and Load-balancing

Your business operations are no one’s business. With the right security protocols and applications from TSplus solutions, you can guarantee that you will be protected at all times. Load-balancing allows organizations to centralize all data, improve the security of their network, easily protect their data and manage access through a central location.

With TSplus Enterprise Edition, businesses can build their own secure load-balancing and scale it to their needs to provide better access to all applications and Remote Desktops to every employee in the office and remote workers. Each server is checked before a new connection is initiated to ensure that there are enough resources available for an application or virtual desktop to run. Thus, the in-built TSplus load balancer automatically distributes new connections to the least busy servers in the farm.

TSplus uses Active Directory to authenticate users before allowing them to access any published application or Remote Desktop. For improved security, TSplus can also be integrated with third-party authentication servers, such as SAASPASS, to support two-factor authentication and one-time passwords (https://www.saaspass.com/saaspass/tsplus-two-factor-authentication-2fa-single-sign-on-sso-saml.html). Therefore the TSplus can also be integrated within almost any type of secure network.

Secure Portal–Based Web Access to Windows Applications & Desktops

With the central importance of Enterprise portals, the diversity of end-user devices and the pressure to control IT expense and overhead, TSplus Enterprise Edition brings exceptional new value to organizations of all sizes and types.
Allow remote workers to access all Windows applications and their personalized Remote Desktops hosted on the load-balancing easily over a secure and encrypted channel.

TSplus Enterprise Edition enables organizations to easily integrate Windows applications and Remote Desktops as portlets within the TSplus Web Application Portal.By taking advantage of TSplus Enterprise Edition, you can extend the reach of portal-based Web access to Microsoft Excel, Word or line of business applications. Besides, the TSplus web Portal can run with HTTP/HTTPS protocol and browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Control Over Access to Internal Sensitive Data With the Gateway

TSplus provides strict yet flexible control over access, with trustworthy endpoint security. Enterprise applications, data, and business information are stored securely in the datacenter, with available access from any location. TSplus integrates with your existing domain infrastructure and provides granular control over which Users, Groups or Organizational Units have access to the Published Applications, Content and Remote Desktops defined by the administrator.

All sensitive data is encrypted from the login request through to the delivery of an application and data. Users accessing the TSplus Remote system from outside their company’s network can be routed by a single port to the TSplus server acting as an SSL Gateway providing access to the internal TSplus team. When an organization deploys a TSplus solution, the IT department can easily define and enforce various policies over which specific users have access with the AdminTool.

As a great example, TSplus latest release 9.60 includes the Work Hours Access Restrictions feature:
This unique tool enables you to specify a time range when you allow your users to connect. The administrator can now choose to limit this access in the time. This is a great enhancement as it gives to the employer the control on the days and hours during whose the employees can actually connect to the company’ server, such as the working hours only.

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About TSplus:

TSplus is a privately held company. Since 1996, TSplus is specialized in remote-access technology, continuing to expand its experience and expertise in deployments of all sizes.

TSplus is the most cost-effective and easy-to-use alternative to Citrix. TSplus is providing Web Portal, HTML5 client, Session Management, Load Balancing, Universal Printer, Seamless Remote Application, Application Control, RDP Defender and much more without the complexity of Citrix.

For any questions, comments, suggestions or sales inquiries please send an e-mail to andrzej.krystaszek@terminalserviceplus.com who will be pleased to answer you.