Last week, John Davies, founder of TSplus, proudly welcomed his international community of TSplus Directors to Dublin, Ireland. Coming from all over the world, these long-time successful business partners met at the prestigious Merrion Hotel with the leaders and decision makers from TSplus headquarters for a very special event – The 10 year anniversary of TSplus.

TSplus Was Born 10 Years Ago!

John Davies has lifelong experience in Information Technology and International Business Development. From CEO of Compuware Europe to a one man startup with a new idea, John learned from global technology leaders, then became a global technology leader.

After leaving one of the original leaders of the IT market landscape, John took some time to think. He had learned first hand how technology was changing business models and traditional business relationships. It was time to apply his skills as a software developer and a businessman.

In the beginning, remote workspaces were still in their infancy. There were already a couple established players in the industry, but their business models and pricing structure put their products out of reach for all but the largest enterprises. John was determined to do it better, and with a more flexible licensing and cost structure. A core philosophy at TSplus is access.

The software provides secure access for clients. More importantly, the business model John built created a market that businesses of all sizes can access. From remote access and published applications to cutting edge security and protection, TSplus is available to everyone – at a cost that keeps it available to everyone.

It’s been 10 short years since the first milestone release of TSplus. Version 3.10 was the first comprehensive version. With a new Admin Tool, web access and full integration of all the features of TSplus, Version 3.10 brought a robust, professional remote access server suite to a desperately underserved market. And that was just the beginning…

Celebrating 10 years of Success in Remote Access Solution

In the 10 years following the release of TSplus 3.10, TSplus established itself as a key player in remote access solutions. The software is more powerful than ever. Regular updates ensure compatibility across a wide range of operating environments. Security improvements are designed to protect against the threats of today and tomorrow.

10 business regions have been created to market and support TSplus in every country in the world. Today,with a dense network of resellers and trusted partners, TSplus has a strong and growing international presence.

Continuing a policy of constant innovation, TSplus is committed to providing a high quality and secure solution, enhanced by efficient and professional service.

What makes TSplus so successful are the men and women who carry these values ​​and pursue these goals in their regions. With 10 regions spanning the globe, the Regional Directors are the face of TSplus around the world. The 10 year Anniversary of TSplus was the perfect opportunity for everyone to get together for a week of business and fun.

The first day started at full speed with John Davies announcing through the combined efforts of TSplus Headquarters and the team of TSplus Regional Directors, the company experienced 50% annual growth for 2018, and all signs point to 2019 continuing the trend.

TSplus is constantly recruiting new partners around the world. TSplus is a great solution for IT resellers, integrators and Vars.

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