Two months ago, TSplus revealed the best 2018 news to its millions of users around the world: the official release of its very first mobile app! This announcement sparked thousands of downloads. Today, the App 11.40 offers even more functionality and reliability, to provide the best remote desktop services on tablets and smartphones.

Easy Remote Connection with iOS Devices

Just like TSplus software, the TSplus App provides fast and stable remote connections from tablets and smartphones, to Windows desktops and business applications. It is designed on the same principles of security, simplicity and reliability – only now, there is no need for an HTML5 client to access remote servers.

Today, all it takes to benefit from TSplus’ amazing capabilities on ANY DEVICE is to download and install the App. What’s more, the App is compatible with any mobile operating system, from Android to Linux, and is officially available for iOS as well! The download links for all mobile stores can be found below.

Finding the right remote desktop protocol to use with iOS devices has always been complicated. With the TSplus App, these troubles are over. Just click on the App and your remote session opens on an iPhone, iTouch, or iPad… It’s that simple.

Remote Mobile Printing Finally a Reality

The most exciting addition to this new 11.40 release is clearly remote printing. This feature is revolutionizing the use of remote desktop apps on mobile devices.

It allows the printing of any document/photo saved on a remote server or in the Cloud, directly from the nearest available printer. It works by automatically opening the file in your device’s default PDF reader and sending it to the selected printer on the same network.

It’s that easy, without any printing app to install.

TSplus is proud to deliver this unique innovation to its customers.

Remote Sessions Adapted to Mobile Use

The TSplus App’s 11.40 release is optimized to ensure the best user experience, no matter the device. To make navigation more intuitive,users can now select their preferred zoom size and language version.

The development team is constantly working on translating the TSplus App into hundreds of different languages, so customers can enjoy its easy-to-use functionality in their mother tongue.

Last but not least, the TSplus App 11.40 release allows users to adapt bandwidth usage according to the quality of their network. Customers benefit from the highest speeds and best possible stability when connecting to their remote servers on a smartphone or tablet.

The new 11.40 release of the TSplus App is available on the following mobile app stores:

TSplus customers can download it for free. Otherwise, TSplus requests to previously install either the Mobile Web Edition or the Enterprise Edition.