The development team at TSplus has just released new versions of TSplus Remote Access and TSplus Advanced Security. Improvements are targeting the same common objective: to provide some flexibility while keeping a high level of productivity and security. Let’s review some of them.

As businesses of all kinds become digital, organizations depend on the ability to create new business models, new ways to engage employees and customers, and new ways to work. Yet, the complexity and limitations of legacy systems and concerns over security are hindering enterprises from moving fully into the digital future.

TSplus’ core mission has always been to make the world’s apps and data secure and easy to access from anywhere, on any device – no matter the size of the organization. New products and developments are focused on these driving principles.

The 12.60 latest update brings significant improvements in program performance, to ensure the same level of productivity for installations of all sizes. Sessions open in a snap, even when the user has many applications open! 

The development team at TSplus is also focused on keeping a high level of compatibility with all types of devices, systems, and tools to make sure the solution can benefit everyone. Thus, TSplus is compatible with the latest Operating Systems, Web Browsers and most third-party Anti-Virus programs. 

The complete list of new additions and fixes is now directly accessible from the “changelog” button on the Home Dashboard.

​TSplus Advanced Security 4.6 is Now Available

That’s not all! TSplus has also its own security companion tool that ensures servers and remote sessions get the right protection: TSplus Advanced Security provides a wide range of features to keep connections, data and users safe. 

TSplus Advanced Security is available in two editions for businesses of all sizes; it offers customizable settings that allow RDS Admins to set the level of protection adapted to their needs. 

TSplus Advanced Security Version 4.6 continues to add deeper customization options. These options are recommended for advanced administrators and can be found in the ‘Advanced Settings’ menu tab.

Check the change log to see all the new features in details. The information can be found by clicking on the “Read Changelog” button on the Home tab. 

Download the 15 day trial version of the latest version of TSplus and benefit from a free trial of TSplus Advanced Security Ultimate edition!