– AdminTool > Sessions Manager: Remote Control (shadowing) feature does not ask anymore for user consent when the GPO „Set rules for remote control of Remote Desktop Services user sessions” is set to „without user’s consent”
– AdminTool > System Audit: added a new rule to check if computer time is synchronized with an external source
– AdminTool > SystemAudit: added rule to check if all main programs of TSplus exist
– AdminTool: fixed error when running from a different directory
– AdminTool > Sessions > Permissions: disabled Web access restriction groupbox in sessions/permissions tab when user have system or printer edition

– Load-Balancing: fixed SVCE service error if an application server is not responding

– 2FA: fixed small translation issues


TSplus Mobile App Version 3.0 includes great features and enhancements:

  • Optimized Resolution: With default settings optimized for many devices, TSplus also has many options to make working easier on small screens.  
  • Familiar Work Environment: Turn a Smartphone or tablet into a fully-fledged desktop or display a full-screen app. The TSplus App provides the same workspace experience, making the transition from PC to a mobile device smooth and natural.
  • Security: Connect to TSplus published applications and desktops via HTTPS protocol and SSL encryption for a secure and reliable connection.
  • Remote Printing: Use the TSplus Universal Printer from any device. No special drivers needed.
  • Two Factor Authentication: Add an extra layer of security to the users’ credentials with a unique PIN code generated on their mobile device via an authenticator app.
  • Compatibility: The TSplus Mobile App is built on the most recent HTML5 platform, ensuring maximum compatibility. No matter which type of mobile device users prefer, there is a TSplus Mobile App available for download.