The new version of TSplus is now available.

This is our comment for this new version:

– Working area when using the TSplus Taskbar: Even when setting „Full screen” in the Customize Taskbar, the application was not using the full screen area.
It is fixed now

– Overlap Taskbar: Even when setting „Overlap taskbar” in the Customize Taskbar, the application was not doing it.
It is fixed now

– Systray icon display: When one application was display the minimized button was overlaping the systray icon(s)
It is fixed now, and the sytray icon display is nicer.

– Explorer published as „one application”: Explorer.exe process is not terminated when the user close it. As result, customers publishing explorer.exe
as one application had „zombi session” that could last forever and was never terminated.
It is fixed now

– Right click issue: When starting „one application” the right click was displaying 2 lines: Logoff and Theme switcher.
More: The Logoff was not working for rebranded versions of TSplus.
This two problems are fixed now