RDS-Tools is proud to announce that the Data Center Solutions Alliance has ranked RDS-Knight in the TOP 3 Security Innovations of the Year. Eventually, our product was just behind the highest position of the podium, taking second place in this prestigious competition.

In its ninth year, the DCS awards rewarded the product designers, manufacturers, suppliers and providers operating in data centre arena. The Awards recognise the achievements of the vendors and their business partners alike and this year encompassed a wider range of both facilities and information technology award categories designed to address all of the main areas of the data centre market in Europe.

RDS-Knight, Unique And Comprehensive Program To Secure RDS Servers

At RDS-tools, security has long been the top priority. RDP can be a secure protocol, but it’s how it is deployed, properly secured and used that matters. From this statement, RDS-Tools has implemented a complete suite of features allowing administrators to easily secure their internet-facing servers.

As threats change and grow, RDS-Tools’ Security Experts perform exhaustive research to stay in front of today’s security threats and to prepare for the challenges of tomorrow. That’s why they developed RDS-Knight, an advanced, powerful and user-friendly Security Tool for RDS Server Administrators, offering up to six features to keep the remote workplace safe for users. 

Recognizing today’s cybersecurity concerns, the Ransomware Protection feature has been recently added to RDS-Knight. It is the most efficient way to detect and immediately stop ransomware attacks on RDP, and it works on all Windows systems (Starting from Windows Server 2008 R2)!

The best security requires the best tools. RDS-Knight, providing 360 degree protection of RDS servers and remote desktop sessions, makes security policy management simple. It is the best gatekeeper for remote access servers.

RDS-Knight Version 4.0 Already Successful

Launched in 2017, RDS-Knight has made a big splash in the network security market. With six types of protection, it has become the go-to security tool for RDS administrators around the world.

As threats evolve, RDS-Knight has evolved to stay ahead of them. Recently, the team of expert developers, with constant feedbacks from users and administrators, have brought RDS-Knight a new look. A new administration tool with refined workflow makes management easier and protection more efficient than ever before. The interface is clear and simple to use. 

Thomas Montalcino is the talented software developer behind the new redesign. He is also the creator of RDS-Knight’s Ransomware Protection feature. In a January interview about his work, he explained why RDS-Knight is a must have security tool for RDS: 

Cyber criminality is a fast changing world, and attacks techniques are more and more sophisticated. Businesses definitely need to acquire deep learning techniques to be able to prevent harmful attacks, and to monitor and remediate security breaches. Threat Intelligence is one of the trends looking in this direction, and at the basis of RDS-Knight’s development.

T.Montalcino, developer at RDS-Tools.com