The development team at RDS-Tools have just announced a new update for their powerful security program, RDS-Knight. Installed on servers alongside Remote Desktop software, it efficiently protects Remote Users and the servers they are connected to. It’s even more powerful when used as an add-on to TSplus Remote Access solution. This new release strengthens the integration of the Defender with TSplus’ major feature: the web applications portal.

TSplus provides Remote Desktop and application publishing tools that can be accessed through the web on the TSplus Web Portal. While it’s a great way for organizations to make business apps available from any device using just a web browser, any form of remote access comes with inherent risks.

In fact, Remote desktop connections are a primary vector for Brute-Force attacks: Hackers use automated bots to generate hundreds of thousands of passwords per minute and eventually guess the right credentials. It’s one of the oldest tricks to force access to the server! Once they’re inside, malicious people can easily steal precious information or destroy an entire system. Even an unsuccessful brute force attack can have negative performance impacts on a business.

RDS-Knight 4.2 integrated with TS plus ensures high protection against brute-force attacks even on the Web Portal.

RDS-Knight Prevents Brute-Force Attacks on Web Portal

RDS-Knight offers up to six features to secure RDS servers, including an efficient Brute-Force Attacks Defender.

With this protection, any malicious attempt to open a user session, whether via RDP or HTML5 Remote Client, is detected and prevented before it becomes a problem. RDS-Knight monitors logins attempts and automatically blacklists the offending IPs after several failures (number to be determined by the admin). Administrators can easily manage this list and white-list IPs that are known as inoffensive with a simple right-click action.

Although RDS-Knight’s great capabilities can be used with any Remote Desktop application, it brings the best security set when associated with TSplus.

The latest 4.2 release brings stronger protection to TSplus with the integration of an additional setting: the new “Lockout” security feature, which was introduced with the TSplus 12.40 release and temporarily keeps the user’ session locked after several login failures on the Web Portal. RDS-Knight now records all these attempts and notify the administrator with a “Lockout” event on the Security log.

Administrators can quickly and easily review who’s responsible for using incorrect user names. Combined with the Brute-Force Defender, it’s a very efficient way to spot attackers who try to connect with the same IP using different user names. ​

Download RDS-Knight 4.2 release to enjoy the best protection for your RDS servers. TSplus trial version also includes the most updated and full-featured edition of the security add-on.