As more people transition to a work-from-home status because of the coronavirus outbreak, many small businesses are moving to the most efficient way of connecting to their office network: Remote Desktop services such as TSplus.

However this new trend also creates significant risks: employees are always the weakest link in a company’s cybersecurity, but when they step outside of the office, you have even less control and protection over them.

The COVID-19 crisis is actually bringing out the scammers and hackers seeking to exploit millions of new, inexperienced remote workers!
With so many working from home, how can TSplus remote access be safe to use for your organization?

You need the right cybersecurity program to efficiently secure all the new access points opened to your business’ network.
TSplus has developed an adapted, comprehensive security companion tool which takes from the best practices to protect your server with a panel of customizable security measures: TSplus Advanced Security.
Discover it in this video:

With up to seven powerful features, TSplus Advanced Security helps your organization prevent account takeovers, data breaches and data leaks.

You can customize settings to apply strict access control to resources and apps; or over specific geographic areas, devices and time slots.
Thanks to the Security Event log, you will see the number of blocked brute-force and ransomware attacks in real-time.
Management is made easy with a centralized list of detected IP addresses.

Eliminate the risk now. Download the trial full featured version, for free.
For more information, check the Release Notes and Changelogs as well as the online User Guide.

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