Collaboration with TSplus increases range of connected devices, apps and users that can benefit from Osirium Privileged Access Management capabilities.

Reading, 7th January 2020. Osirium Technologies plc (AIM: OSI.L), a leading vendor of cloud-based cyber security software, today announced a technology partnership with TSplus, a major provider of Remote Access and Application Delivery solutions.

TSplus offers a reliable and scalable way to web-enable any Windows App.  Under the terms of the agreement TSplus technology is being used as a core component of the Osirium MAP Server, an integral part of its Privileged Access Management platform. The combination expands the range of applications, devices and users that can benefit from Osirium’s comprehensive Privileged Access Management capabilities.

The Osirium MAP Server is an environment for running and securely controlling applications on Microsoft Windows. To ensure security, those applications need to have privileged sessions with other devices and systems. TSplus technology enables this and extends the connectivity options for customers, allowing individual Privileged Access applications to be delivered to a wider range of users from a centralised environment.

“Our customers cover a wide and extremely diverse range of environments for whom comprehensive security is essential. The partnership with TSplus allows us to provide end-to-end Privileged Access Management to these diverse groups. “

Commented Osirium CEO,
David Guyatt

“The TSplus philosophy is all about making Application Delivery secure and easy to access. The partnership with Osirium builds on this principle and delivers real value to customers by bringing together two outstanding complementary sets of skills and expertise. “

Added TSplus Founder and CEO,
John Davies

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