The latest version of Tsplus has just been loaded
Bring the following changes
This 10.20 release solves most issues with version 10.10
– Client Generator: The latest version forces changes in the / RDP folder on the client station for many years if the client had the same name. No changes in this folder were made so that the new settings could not be implemented.
– We decided to keep the Sumatra tool because customers without a PDF reader could not print using the universal printer.
– Login Process: We have tested and resolved issues related to closing and opening sessions. The case where a single application was running was also checked. RemoteApp mode has been rewritten to avoid double login at session startup or log off after login immediately.
– Single app: We’ve fixed the login so that if you have a single application issue, instead of logging out, you have the option of loading RemoteApp or Full Desktop. Keep in mind that if you close the program quickly (within 10 seconds) the system will understand that the application has not started correctly and you will be able to access the new „emergency option”
In the AppControl.ini you can set an automatic logout or default set of applications in case of a problem.
– Standardization of Session ID reading – we did not disconnect during printing
– We used a new mechanism from the windows library to reduce CPU usage, which also eliminates some of the problems with session closure.
– We fixed the SVCR code that caused the application to crash, we are not sure if enough improvements are made, however, in test conditions the application is 100% correct
Universal Printer: Update release does not install a new Universal printer due to older system users. Please keep in mind that within the next week or so we will be using the new Universal Printer to change the paper size or scale the printout.
– System audit: now give positive status no matter if a new or old universal printer is installed
HTML5: We’ve added URL options that allow you to make changes to the settings.js file
Full path to update http://dl-files.com/data/UpdateRelease.exe
Best Regards

TSplus Eastern Europe Team