A new version of TSplus is being uploaded right now and will be available within few minutes. This is our comment for this new version:

– From W10 Creator Update, it was not not possible to open multiple session with one user logon/password. This is fixed now.

– We enhanded the Application Panel by adding a „Log out” text as a second option to log out.

– The Client Generator Seamless client was always using the „green” color even when the Blue or the Pink has been selected. This is fixed now

– We added the option to select of not the „theming” option in the HTML5 client tile of the AdminTool.

– The Update Release was inforcing „no theming” setting for HTML5. Now we do not change the existing setting.

– The password entry field in the Web Credential was display in clear text It is encrypted now

– The Printer Management tile was display in the AdminTool even for System Edition. This is fixed now.

– French character was not correctly display in the AdminTool It is fixed now

– In the Printer Manager tile, the READY status was display %READY The % has been removed

– The French, Dutch, German, Chinese, Taiwanese, Russian language fiels have been updated

– HTML5 session started form the same tab was not supporting to force the use of HTTPS It is fixed now

– User not entering a password in HTML5 received a message „wro,g password”. This has been improved.


Update Release patch