Summary: The new TSplus 10.50 is  now available and introduces amazing enhancements! This improved release includes exclusive new features developed in the last three months by TSplus technical team to provide the best remote desktop. Because nothing more important than the safety and success of each customer TSplus. Discover the details of these changes.
What’s new in TSplus?
A new „Remote Client Access” option is available.

The TSplus Administration Tool now offers a new option for the administrator to select „My RemoteApp” to open each application as a unique RemoteApp remote on the client. The Client Generator and the „Append” tile in AdminTool have been changed to provide this new feature: Every user sees a list of their assigned apps in the START menu and sidebar, and then can select one of these applications in their „Local Menu” and launch it. RemoteApp.

This eliminates the need for the client to generate a client-side application and allows the application to be run at the same time.

To activate this new feature, the Administrator must generate a new file from the client generator.

New option in AdminTool: allows each application to be opened as a single RemoteAppRemote application on the client’s SYSTRAY server.
Constant development of the HTML5 client

TSplus provides unlimited access to remote desktops and applications using a fully secure HTML5 client. New release 10.50 includes advanced features to get the best performance from your web application portal on any device, for example:

Improved handling and display of file transfers by drag / drop between client and server. When it comes to transferring large files, the software can warn you.
Preventing errors when sending files.
Automatically renew new files.
Optimizes memory size and CPU requirements to ensure proper stability.
New design for HTML5 Top Menu Icons.

Support for Windows 10 Home

This service deleted about a year ago is available again.
TSplus Advanced Security is developing to offer a new, powerful add-on

For more than a year, TSplus has invested in providing the safest environment for its customers. The team has developed an easy-to-use, but very powerful add-on called RDS-Knight. This new product is available in two versions:

Security Essentials are basic security packages that focus on keeping remote connections secure for all TSplus users with three basic protection measures. This is a must-have utility for every TSplus administrator, especially since it is sold at a very attractive price: only $ 49 / server!
Ultimate Protection completes the release of Essentials Edition with two additional features to block RDS servers and protect them against any threats that could expose the organization to losses. This is a Premium solution that protects large environments that run on TSplus servers with multiple connections. This edition can be purchased online for a reduced price: $ 275 / server for customers already having TSplus.

As a result, the 10.50 AdminTool to Advanced security cards have been transformed to capture all the advanced security features and create a unique product.

Resolved version known problems, for example:

Change the logon process (logonsession.bin) to avoid displaying the file explorer in some cases, as with other errors. This new version provides better results and shorter log-in time.
Universal printer enhancements to optimize results even in specific cases.

This release is a critical release and it is recommended to download and download the link

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