We are glad to present you the latest 9.10 version, which is also the first remote desktop version for 2016.
Few major improvements:

  • Remote desktop works perfectly with all Windows versions, including Home, which was unavailable till now. Remote desktop supports all Win 7, 8, 10, 2008, 2012 editions, both, in their newest versions from 2016 and older ones
  • New security code against unauthorised acess has beed prefected.
  • New, broader client generator and AnminTool
  • Newest HTML5 drive compatible with latest browsers. Drag and drop option works perfectly.
  • Full capacity in large, demanding production environments
  • HTML5 remote desktop background colour adjustable in AdminTool
  • New WWW logging window appearance
  • Improved users / groups / applications distribution
  • Many problems detected in 8.50 solved

If you still have 8.x.x.x.x version and encounter problems with TsPLUS use, you probably need to update your software to TsPlus 9.10. Your remote desktop will work! Stop hesitating and click DOWNLOAD

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