A Scalable Remote Desktop Solution

TSplus is offering a wide range of Editions. It is a very scalable and powerful Remote Desktop software, delivering secure and stable connections to Remote Desktops and Windows applications for various industries and SMB’s. With its built-in HTML5 client, TSplus is able to provide remote access from anywhere. It works with any type of operating system and device, including mobile.

The TSplus range is composed of four different Editions that can be purchased with 5, 10, 25 or an unlimited number of users depending on the size and needs of the organization. Each Edition includes everything in the lower edition plus additional features, starting from the System Edition, which is designed for small structures looking for a simple and affordable alternative to Citrix XenApp, Go Global or Windows Remote Services.The Printing Edition includes a Universal Printer, for customers interested in remote printing without any installation on the client side.

The star product of the range is the Mobile & Web Edition, targeting digital nomads and remote workers with a solution that allow them to bring their office everywhere literally in their pocket. With just a Wifi or Internet connection, customers can use the browser of their Smartphone or Tablet to open the TSplus Web Portal and access their Windows Applications. The Enterprise Edition, high-end solution, is more suitable for large organizations willing to implement a centralized tool to simply manage their complex network architecture.

Plus, each edition can be efficiently completed with the two add-ons: RDS-Knight for strong protection of the servers and users thanks to five different measures, and Server Genius, a powerful server monitoring tool.

TSplus Enterprise, an Upmarket solution at a Low-cost Price

TSplus Enterprise is a full-feature Remote Desktop solution. It allows an easy and centralized Administration for large and complex networks, giving access to Desktops and Applications to hundreds of concurrent users spread on multiple servers. The Enterprise Edition helps IT managers to accomplish their daily tasks faster and better, providing secure Gateway and Load-balancing with Fail-over support to build scalable architectures.

The TSplus Enterprise Portal gives a single access to all servers and comes with its Farm Manager tool to easily set all parameters from one place.

The Add-ons RDS-Knight and Server Genius enhance this powerful application and turn it into the best Swiss-knife for Remote Desktop. RDS-Knight is the ultimate security tool for RDS Servers, making it super quick to shield users’ environment and apply protective rules for restricting remote connections. Server Genius monitors servers and gathers essential data into intuitive graphs and reports sent in real time to the Administrators. With Server Genius, the Administrator is automatically alerted in case of abnormal situation with the CPU, memory, licensing, or website operations and therefore can prevent any paralyzing incident.

Despite these amazing opportunities, TSplus Enterprise with an unlimited number of user licenses was priced at USD 1175 per server – ONLY. From May 15, this price is no longer valid. Due to the depreciated value of USD, TSplus decided to adjust all prices in USD. The new TSplus Enterprise price will then be $ 1,400 and is still a very attractive offer compared to the expensive Citrix costs.

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