Desktop and laptop computers are no longer at the first line, but they remain the device of choice for many causes of multi-purpose. Even so, these workers are not always sitting in front of their PCs. They are still in move and come back home at the end of the work day. Yet, they still might need to access the resources available on their desktops. That’s where the TSplus Mobile Web Edition comes in. This software gives You all possibilities to work wherever You are.


The mobile devices Portability create a new way to work at higher level. Access Your desktop even if You away from your PC and You will see grow in Your and Yours employees efficienty. Tech Team can perform several key job functions and provide better support from one location rather than having to be physically on-site to deal with a problem.

Out of the Box BYOD Support

Enjoy free mobile remote desktop access from tablets and smartphones to hosted Windows applications/desktops running on Terminal Servers / RDS with TSplus Mobile Web Edition.

The TSplus Allows Businesses to easily Deliver remote content to all user for any platform that they are using. This Remote Client is great extension of our remote access for phones and tablets

With TSplus web portal users gain access to remote Desktops through web interface now they can do it faster and easier than before with their mobiles.

With mobile device users can get full access to their files and applications and streams the desktop to their smartphones. Now they get full access to the server even if they’re hundreds of kilometers away.

How does it work with Android?

TSplus Mobile Web Edition makes it easy to access a PC or Mac from any Android device.

The setup process is simple, taking roughly five minutes the user only has to install the TSplus software on his workstation.

The next steps is to follow the instructions, showing on screen, granting permission where required. And then, he’ll be asked to enter an email address and  a PIN. The PIN is required each time the user attempts to connect to the computer from his mobile device.

All the user has to do now is to launch his browser and enter the TSplus Web Portal address. Once the user is signed in, the portal will automatically display his Remote computers/applications. Pretty simple.

Discover the best user experience for Mobile Remote Desktop connection

TSplus Mobile Web is a fast, best RDP native client for mobile platforms that specifically works with Android tablets and smartphones.

Due to the HTML5 technology, mobile clients can be used wherever internet is accessible. It allows to easily and quickly access any server, virtualized Windows desktops and applications using the mobile device. For example, with just a few touches user can connect to Microsoft Word and any other application in no time. In certain TSplus Mobile Web Edition can enable up to ten times faster communication than with regular Remote Desktop for mobile, especially when working with graphic heavy applications for example Corel draw or AutoCAD. Once connected, it is easy to access files and menus by touch or by using the pointer tool for greater user-friendly. It is even possible to edit Microsoft documents. On a Tablet or Smartphone!

TSplus unique patent protected technology provides great usability and productivity by enabling smart-sizing and responsive display. It provides highly usable screen control and intuitive up-down scrolling. TSplus Remote Desktop software also offers a unique keyboard that displays most used keys separately (Esc, Tab, Ctrl, Alt, and Windows) and other productivity functions.

TSplus Mobile Web uses up to 90% less bandwidth than any other similar Mobile Remote Desktop connection, providing the best user experience. It is designed to work in both centrally managed and unmanaged environments. Furthermore, users can access their Remote session and applications using two different ways: Our TSplus Web Portal and RemoteApp.

TSplus is the Key to a secure Cloud: Administrators can optionally use TSplus free SSL Secure Gateway for greater safety, encrypted free remote access from the TSplus application to hosted Remote Desktops. It is better option than expensive VPN solutions. There is no need to install, configure and maintain a VPN-client. Using SSL is internet-standard and, contrary to VPNs, TSplus allows the access to resources on the network only via RDP-connection. All common VDI-systems can be integrated via RDP protocol.

With TSplus Mobile Web HTML5 technology, businesses avoid dependencies and are prepared for the future.

Download TSplus now and test it today with your Android device!

About TSplus


TSplus International is a market leader for virtual Windows application publishing on any device, anywhere. It works with major Virtual Machines and Microsoft Remote Desktop Services, providing mobile users with a seamless experience while increasing security and reducing IT costs. It’s simple and empowers mobile workers with the freedom and flexibility to work how they want and from anywhere.

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