We are pleased to announce the general availability of TSplus 12.30 version. This major update includes 2 important Add-Ons enhancements:

  • 2FA verification can now also be done by SMS.
  • RDS-Knight can now be installed on Windows Server 2008 and greatly enhances its two fundamental protections against unwanted remote connections.

TSplus Two factor Authentication introduced with Version 12, is an additional way to secure access to the Web Application Portal.
Administrators can now choose between two methods to send unique verification codes on the user’s device:

– Via an authenticator mobile app (ex: Google or Microsoft Authenticator, Authy…) after scanning a QR code on the TSplus Web Portal.
– Via SMS by opening a free account on a third-party SMS provider: Twilio. Full process for configuring this option is described on the online User Guide.

The AdminTool now offers a complete dashboard to manage 2FA: Administrators can easily add or remove users, select the verification method (per user), handle SMS settings and test the feature directly.

50 SMS are provided with the 30 days trial (10 users). It is simple, flexible and powerful!
Additionally, TSplus’ unique security add-on RDS-Knight, has been updated as well and the latest 4.2 version is offered as a trial with TSplus 12.30:

  • Working Hours Restriction provides a great new setting: Administrators can force automatic disconnection of users when their configured working time comes to an end.
    This means that RDS-Knight can be configured to prevent sessions from opening AND the sessions that are already open can be automatically closed after warning the user when out of his configured time slots.
  • Homeland Protection has been strengthened to more aggressively filter any attempt to connect from unauthorized countries.
    This change constitutes a significant step toward an even more reliable and future-proof RDS-Knight. However, it is also far less CPU-greedy!

The latest TSplus improvements ensure high compatibility with Windows 10 1903 „May 2019 Update” for Pro, Education and Enterprise editions.
TSplus 12.30 includes many others improvements and fixes released in previous versions. Details of these changes can be checked on the changelog: https://dl-files.com/TSplus-changelog.html

In order to help you understand all the great improvements and added features in TSplus 12.30, we have produced a brand-new tutorial video introducing the modernized interface:

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Download TSplus V12 latest update and shall you encounter any difficulty, just ask Meji our Intelligent Support bot!.