As the year ends, the team at TSplus would like to express its gratitude to its customers for another successful year. Thanks to great customer feedback and unwavering dedication from the development team, TSplus and its line of Companion Tools have exceeded performance goals in 2019. Read further to learn about the latest updates and options.

Time to take the leap to an extra layer of protection!

In 2019, TSplus’ developments have been marked by a renewed focus on enhancing Security during remote sessions, protecting both users and organizations against potential online dangers.

This has  resulted in many improvements such as the introduction of the Lockout feature with the TSplus12.40 release. Lockout temporarily locks user sessions after several login failures on the Web Portal.

However, these precautions might not be enough to repel the most assiduous criminals. That is why TSplus has developed a line of Security Companion Tools, including TSplus 2FA. It prevents attackers from logging in with stolen passwords by providing dynamic passcodes and multi-factor authentication only available from authenticated devices. Splus has just published a new video which presents this great tool.

Advanced Security Version 4.5 Allows Customizable Protection

With the 4.5 release, Advanced Security offers wider customization options, all accessible from the Advanced Settings tab.  The built-in firewall has been further enhanced with a setting to automatically unblock IP addresses after a certain amount of time. To save on memory and bandwidth consumption and allow the best performance, it’s also now possible to define a Data Retention Policy for the Event Log history. 

Check the changelog to stay informed about the latest developments.

2019 was a great year at TSplus. In 2020, TSplus strives to make it a great year for everyone.

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