TSplus appointed new Regional Director for Eastern Europe – By Floriane Mer, Marketing Manager at TSplus

Executive Summary : TSplus’ Business Plan for 2020 bets on its international development along with the regionalization of the Group’s worldwide activities. John Davies, TSplus’ President, decided to split the world into 10 big Regions : United States/Canada Region, Latin America Region, Western Europe Region, South Europe Region, Central Europe Region, Eastern Europe Region, South-East Asia Region, Eastern Asia Region, Middle-East Region and India Region. TSplus has announced that it has appointed Mr. Andrzej Krystaszek as the Regional Director for Eastern Europe.

In line with its international development strategy, TSplus ensures its worldwide presence by building on the conquest of new strategic territories in Eastern Europe. This region has a huge potential as it encompasses a wide area with some highly dynamic markets, such as Russia, Czech republic and Poland.

In 2015, John Davies and Andrzej Krystaszek agreed on a long-term and strategic agreement to outgrow TSplus success within the Eastern Europe Region.

From now on, Andrzej is responsible for the overall sales and marketing business of TSplus in the entire area, from the borders of Germany to the borders of Korea, from Finland down to the South of Europe. This Region includes his homeland Poland as well as Russia, Belarus, ex-Yougoslavia, Czech republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Ukraine and Bulgaria. In the three years to come, Baltic and Scandinavia countries will grow the potential of the market.

Andrzej Krystaszek, who brings a long experience in the IT, started to sell TSplus licences about five years ago, taking advantage of the strong professionnal network that he had built in the Region. Prior to that, he as been doing technical support for polish clients and hosting servers within his own computer rooms. He is working along with his wife, Elisabeth, who is responsible for the accountancy and the marketing actions.

It was a crucial challenge for TSplus to find the key person who would be able to lead TSplus operations in this promising Region and to dedicate his time, his talent and efforts to ensure its business development in the Eastern Europe. In order to kick off this partnership, few important steps have already been made :

  • Creation of TSplus Eastern Europe web portal : http://www.tsplus.net/eastern-europe/

  • Translation of TSplus website into Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Czech and Hungarian

  • Translation of TSplus product into Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Czech and Hungarian

  • Creation of local accounts for social networks in Polish, Ukrainian, Czech and Hungarian

  • Implementation of a local Support Team in Polish, Russian and Ukrainian

The marketing campaign to come, which is currently prepared by our Marketing managers, should support efficiently the local development of TSplus.

John Davies, International President and founder at TSplus said: “I’m delighted that Andrzej Krystaszek has joined the TSplus European management team. Together with the Heaquarter and local resellers he will develop and implement sales strategies to meet the requirements of TSplus customers and partners and to strength TSplus position in the Region.”

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