Who is AdSystems


Jeffrey Kuijt and his father Hans are the successful owners of AdSystems, a software house in The Netherlands. The company founded in 1976 originally specialized in providing in-house software development packages for the Industry. Since 1980, they have focused their activity on the Advertising agencies/studios market. Today, hundreds of local companies are using the great Windows application AdSystems has developed.

Here are AdSystems two core products :

TSplus, the ultimate Cloud computing solution

However, with the mobility increasing as well as the needs for a higher security and data protection, and the majority of the customers using Reclame! on PC/MAC and tablets, they have been more and more willing to work in the Cloud. AdSystems had to develop a new solution for the virtualization of its Applications.

As a consequence, in early 2013, AdSystems decided to look for a multi-platforms solution for Cloud computing/Application publishing. Jeffrey and his father have tested TSplus, which since then does the job perfectly.

“We are very satisfied about the possibilities [of TSplus] and also about the great support!”

Jeffrey Kuijt, co-founder at AdSystems.nl

Easy to configure and install, TSplus can be setup in less than 5 minutes; TSplus solutions offer an outstanding experience from the start. TSplus delivers Windows applications to any user, even remote users anywhere, irrelevant of the operating system, computer or mobile device they are using. For example, TSplus can deliver MS Office to your IPAD users. TSplus enables businesses to setup their own load-balancing-computing environment and centrally store and secure data, allowing businesses to continually reduce their security risks.

The support and update services are also a must-have: the support services include the TSplus EU Ticket/Email support service, forum access, license rehosting, FAQ and tutorials. The Update Services include the delivery of Update codes, the right to install and to use any new release, patch and updates.

Conclusion: Another customer satisfied with TSplus!

When we asked Jeffrey and Hans what was their favorite TSplus feature, it was a hard task for them to choose. They are big fans of the HTML5 client as it allows their customers to access their  software on every type of device, wherever they are and whenever they want:

“With TSplus, our customers are now able to use our software on every device, this is awesome!claimed Jeffrey.

They also like the Floating Panel display mode a lot, and that TSplus gives the ability to print remotely any document as a PDF file on the local printer,  using the Virtual Printer and Universal Printer features.

Furthermore, TSplus offers outstanding solutions for a very affordable price, cheaper than most of its competitors:

“TSplus is rock solid and the price is very right.” added Mr Kuijt.

Globally, the implementation of TSplus into AdSystem’s software for advertising agencies has brought a high satisfaction to the co-founders as well as to their customers. They appreciate the local and international support provided by our great experts and IT developers.

Juergen Wagner is the HTML5 expert and his support is the best you can get. He has solved a lot of issues for us and he also develops many new nice and handy features. John Davies  is such a great person and he delivers also very good support. In short: we love the TSplus Team!!”

And we want to give them back.

To know more about Reclame! software developed by AdSystems for Advertising agencies and studios, visit their website (in Dutch): http://www.adsystemsmedia.nl/