In the light of the recent developments surrounding the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), TSplus is willing to be part of the solution to sustain Economy while ensuring the safety of everyone. To help organizations maintain operations and ensure employee safety, TSplus Secure Remote Access is now offering a free license for the whole period of the epidemic.

A Changing Business World

As businesses around the world adapt to the changing dynamics of the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, the need for social distancing has unleashed an unprecedented shift toward remote and teleworking, creating a mass exodus of employees moving from corporate offices to home offices.

For many organizations, this transition has created an entirely new set of challenges. They need a reliable tool to connect their new remote workforce to their professional applications. However the window to acquire, implement and deploy such a system is short, when the learning curve for most of the solutions available on the market is quite long.

Upfront cost is also a consideration, especially when implementing such a large scale change to daily business operations. Many businesses operating on margins are looking for competitive pricing.

Quick and Easy Remote Access

Aware of this struggle, TSplus has decided to offer a free license for the full version of the remote desktop program for the entire period of the epidemic. This special offer gives the flexibility businesses need to download and try this comprehensive Secure Remote Access and Application Publishing solution. 

With no time-pressure, they can test the numerous functionalities: 

  • Portable Client generator
  • Universal Printer
  • Customizable Web Portal
  • Secure Gateway
  • Server Farm Management
  • And much more…

The TSplus product line also includes powerful security and monitoring tools to make sure remote connections are under control and protected.

Ask for a FREE license for whole period of the epidemic.