In May 2017, a massive cyber-attack was unleashed and affected more than 300 000 computers worldwide. It was the initial outbreak of WannaCry, a ransomware software which blocks access to the most valuable victim’s files unless a ransom is paid. Since then, homes and businesses running Windows operating system are continuously threatened by ransomware attacks.

RDS-Knight is a cyber security tool developed by TSplus and integrated as a Security Add-On since the 11.50 version, to protect Remote Desktop servers all around the world. Adding a protection against ransomware was paramount.

Interviewed last week on the occasion of RDS-Knight 3.3 release, Thomas Montalcino, our talented developer, shared his experience:

„During this study phase, we learnt that each ransomware uses their own mechanisms to find and encrypt valuable files.”

Therefore, the development team decided to implement pure behavioral detection techniques that do not rely on malware signatures, allowing the protection to catch ransomware which does not exist yet.

„We pushed the protection as far as possible to overrun the ransomware and immediately suspend its activity”


RDS-Knight is able to detect ransomware attacks at an early stage and to stop the data encryption before any dramatic damage is done.

With such properties, no doubt that RDS-Knight Ransomware Protection is the right weapon to protect business data against these serious and always evolving threats.
Not to mention the great enhancements included in the newest RDS-Knight 3.3 release. The Ultimate Edition offers five other great protections for your TSplus server:

  • The Homeland Access Protection to block any IP coming from a black-listed country.
  • The Brute-Force attacks Defender to block IP trying to connect with wrong credentials.
    These two above features now embed support for the most used VNC software.
  • The Working Hours Restrictions to apply internal safety measures.
  • One Click to Secure Desktops to apply restrictive policies and limit involuntary damages.
  • The Endpoint Protection to restrict users’access by device.

RDS-Knight is a must-have security package that all businesses need to protect their TSplus servers.

Download the latest version of TSplus and try it yourself.