Remote work is on the rise

For decades, the traditional office is under attack,  beaten down by new business trends: remote administration, remote video calls, outsourcing, cloud-based project management, and workers in coffee bars. Who still wants to work in the old headquarters? Less and less.

The remote work revolution has been rumbling across industries for years now, and it isn’t over yet. Flexible working is a done deal, but remote working continues to spread. A majority of companies offer flexible working of some kind, but that is mostly flexible hours and part-time working rather than telecommuting. Expect more staff to disappear from the old cube farm as more staff convince their bosses to let them work from home. In short, remote work is working.

1.Remote Work Increases Your Productivity

Unlike the clichés say, productivity doesn’t decrease after permitting your employee to work remotely. Many business actually prove the exact opposite trend. The reason is, someone working outside of the office has fewer distractions to contend with, like the common breakroom effect (when workers are being pulled away from their desks for various reasons, such as to chat over coffee or share a piece of cake for a colleague’s birthday). Remote workers avoid these interruptions and logically the time needed to refocus after the interruption. In a way, remote workers’ commitment into work is even stronger, due to the fact that they are experiencing something beyond “doing work”: they are engaged in a different way, as they have the choice to work in the way they like.

2. Remote Work Keeps Your Data Safe

Many worry that transferring company information and data to computers on unsecured servers will lead to breaches in confidentiality. This is simply not true. Technology has advanced as such that a qualified IT team can keep these types of issues to a minimum.

There are a wealth of safe solutions being leveraged by IT teams everywhere. Setting employees up with cloud-based applications such as TSplus software means the security is outsourced to vetted software programs, and IT teams can monitor version control without needing access to an employee’s physical machine. The AdminTool makes this process very easy and quick to do.  In addition, good security practices like setting up two factor authentication (which is a feature under development, that TSplus will be able to offer in the future) and virtual private networks (VPN) ensures that information is locked down and unable to be breached by unauthorized people.

3. Remote Work Leads to High Quality Communication

There is a misconception that implies the communication goes down when working remotely. It is of ignoring today’s telecommunication technologies, which are well developed. The prevalence of smartphones and social media mean you don’t have to be next to someone to communicate effectively. It brings two improvements to the daily working dialog: it removes any in-person nuances and helps employees to dive right into the meaningful work topic. However, it implies that managers outline clear expectations and tools for communication with the remote workers. Many applications exist in this purpose, such as Skype, Outlook Messenger, Lotus Note, etc.

With TSplus, your remote worker can easily access his task calendar and let you know about his work progress, as you can choose to assign this type of Windows legacy applications to your Generated Clients. It enables you to keep the news feed updated for all your employees, wherever they are.

4. Remote Work Leverage Your IT Costs

It is now well admit that remote workers end up being cheaper than classic office employees, allowing companies to reduce their rent and property costs. Of course, there are still initial shipping costs to provide them desks and equipment wherever they’re located. Yet, overhead costs actually decrease because larger office spaces are not needed, reducing money spent on sky-high rent, furniture, maintenance, and in-office amenities such as coffee, food, and copy machines. Not to mention the reduced carbon footprint of the company due to employees’ lack of commutes.

5. Remote Work Simply Makes Your Employees Happier!

Remote workers keep similar schedules to their office counterparts and the same expectations of work-life balance should be placed upon them. The strong difference is that they can choose either to work from home, a train, a beach–or anywhere away from an office– and still get the job done. TSplus is the right tool to guarantee a continuous productivity. This way, your employees are the own masters of their working time, according to the objectives you assign them. It teaches them to work both responsibly and independently, as they feel empowered to work in a way that suits them and suits the business.  Besides, working remotely can allow them to enjoy 30 minutes more of sleep, home cooked meals and impact full co-workers collaboration. So globally, your employees are less stressed and more focused!

Wait no more and give a chance to your employees to work remotely using TSplus. 

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