TSplus Security Essentials


TSplus Advanced Security offers advanced functionality and makes the use of remote access in your daily routine as safe as possible.

Advanced Security consists of a reliable and integrated set of security features that effectively protect Remote Desktop against attacks. Our solution combines advanced technology, the latest knowledge and user feedback, which our excellent team of specialists turns into real-world tasks.



With TSplus Advanced Security – the intelligent solution – Administrators can use a wide range of flexible tools to control access to remote servers. Designed by our team of expert developers, TSplus Advanced Security is the world leading tool of remote desktop security.

In 2019, the Data Center Solutions Alliance has ranked our product in the TOP 3 Security Innovations of the Year. And TSplus Advanced Security is still at the forefront in providing easy-to-manage, highly configurable and complex security solutions for companies around the world.

TSplus Advanced Security is available in two editions – TSplus Advanced Security Essentials and TSplus Advanced Security Ultimate Protection. TSplus Advanced Security can be scaled to any size company’s needs and budget , whether it is a small startup or global enterprise.

TSplus Advanced Security Essentials provides four types of protection – the basic tools every good administrator needs to control access to corporate remote servers.

  • Homeland Protection: Prevents foreign attackers from opening remote sessions.
  • Brute-Force Defender:Blacklist suspicious or troublesome IP addresses and limit failed login attempts.
  • Working Hours Restriction:Control the days and times that users can access the remote servers.
  • Permissions: Quickly inspect access rights per users & groups of users

TSplus SECURITY ESSENTIALS is the best Remote Desktop connection security package with advanced protection features. It is the low-cost solution that can even be applied to all W7 / W10 Pro RDP accesses.

Face cyber criminals, prevent data loss and other threats for your RDS server.

When it comes to providing Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) for direct connections, you need reliable secure software to protect your systems from attackers.

By using innovative techniques available to modern cyber criminals and security vulnerabilities, hackers from around the world can easily access your data.

Therefore, our elite team of Remote Desktop cyber security specialists have developed a tool that optimally secures remote desktop (RDP) access.

TSPlus Advanced Security offers advanced functionality and makes using remote access in everyday connections as secure as possible.

With TSplus Advanced Security you can easily manage your entire set of workstations from anywhere and anytime.

Keep your servers secured.

If you want to log on to your personal computer from a different location, TSplus Security Essentials is a shield that protects your server environment from unauthenticated attackers.

Our product is designed to secure a remote desktop (RDP), monitor login errors, block banned or suspicious IP addresses, and prevent unauthorized activities. By checking remote computer access options, TSplus Security Essentials provides excellent control over connected users with granted access.

Access your workstation securely.

Using the Brute-Force Attacks Defender feature, you can create a white list of IP addresses to allow access to the server, blacklist suspicious or troublesome IP addresses and limit failed login attempts.

If you want to secure server login and allow connections only from specific countries, we ensure that our Homeland Protection will protect your system against foreign hacker attacks.

HACKERS and Malicious BOTS are ALWAYS a threat.

Most organizations assume that cyber criminals who threaten them will be motivated by the value of the information the company uses to provide its services. The truth is that many attacks are perpetrated on systems because of its processing power, which is valuable themselves.

With TSplus Security Essentials, you can connect to your workstation anytime, anywhere, without fear of outside attacks. Add this unique tool to your security arsenal and use the full potential of remote access.


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